Review: 2NISE’s “She Said”

2NISE are a South Korean trio who take it upon themselves to take charge of the writing and production of their music. Said music lies in the lines of R&B, electronica, hip hop and ballad. I myself don’t know much else about them, but regardless, I’m gonna write about the EP they released last year.

The album starts off with 그대만 보고 그대만 안고 그대만 사랑할게요 (Only Look at You, Only Hold you, Only Love You) which is ballad that lies in the R&B side of things. It’s a song with a lot of feeling in it and has been musically structured in a fantastic way. It has leans on some of the vocal lines that gives a very slight off rhythm feeling to it. The harmonies also work well, they don’t happen for the entire song, but the amount of it there is just perfect, a song that is rather catchy for being on the ballad side of things. This is then followed by 왜이래 (She Said) which features Ha Joo Yeon of Jewelry. One of the tracks that lies a bit more in the hip hop side of music. Featuring electronic beats, vocals coming from the band and Jooyeon (aka Baby J) rapping throughout the track. A song that is upbeat but not too much so that it gets into the pop side of things. The use of question and answer within the song is also a good little musical feature. You can tell from them producing the tracks themselves that they’re going to use their musical knowledge to enhance things to the way they like and sounds good with their own voices.

U R Ma Girl is an electronica song. One that is upbeat and catchy, there is a use of echo throughout parts of the song which is something that can drastically add depth. And the falsetto in the chorus is also a very nice touch that shows a lot of vocal capability within the band. Despite this being very autotuned, it’s not been done in a manner that is too much and overwhelming. While being as upbeat as it is, there seems to be a very faint sad undertone to it, but it shows that they’re not going to rely on using every happy chord in the world to create an upbeat song and it just works fantastically. 왜이래 (He Said) features Nat Sun as the rapper for the song. It is pretty much the same musically and mostly lyrically as She Said, but using a male rapper instead of a female one and it’s shows a really nice link between the two songs. The same states about the musicality of She Said also apply with this song.

Now we are the onto John’s solo, Because of You which is the English version of the first track. A ballad that features a few jazz chords within it. I like the fact that this song is in English and his English is really good. A song that is, simply put, beautiful. The backing harmonies in the chorus go well with his powerful, soulful voice that lingers over the piano and strings throughout the track. Another well composed song that shows diversity in genres within this band and of course, their composition abilities.

Hopefully we get more from these guys and I want to thank my friend Jasmine for introducing me to these guys because they are fantastic! Overall, it’s a really good mini album and if you want a band that is versatile in it’s genres that it produces in, go for these guys and this mini album.


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