[Profile] Fact U

Name: Fact U (been told this has/will be changed)
Language: Thai
Label: Kamikaze
Genre: Rock/Pop(?)
Debut: Currently unknown, are due to debut soon
Years active: /

Fact U will be the first and currently, only, instrumental group that will be debuting under one of Thailand’s biggest pop music labels: Kamikaze! I’ve been told by a friend in Thailand (who is friends with one of the members) that their name is going to change and they will be debuting soon. So we can keep an eye out for that. They performed a cover of K-otic’s “ไร้เดียงสา” at the Kamikaze Wave Concert last summer. And unfortunately, I cannot romanize out their names as my Thai is pretty…rubbish. But when a romanized version of them comes about I will update this! Also, to my knowledge they went to International schools.

Name: กล้าไม้ ไมเกิ้ล (กาย)
Position: Vocalist
Nationality: Thai-English
Date of Birth: 2nd June, 1995
Languages: Thai, English
Hobbies: Sports, Ice Skating
Talents: Singing

Name: Taishi Hasegawa (ไทชิ)
Position: Guitarist
Nationality: Thai-Japanese
Date of Birth:  3rd December, 1993
Languages: Thai, English, Japanese
Hobbies: Sports
Talents: Speaking Japanese, guitar

Name: ณพัทธ์ นิติกรกุล (โจ้)
Position: Guitarist
Nationality: Thai
Date of Birth:  19th January, 1991
Languages: Thai, English
Hobbies: Sports, Music rehearsal
Talents: Guitar

Name: ณภัทร วรวงศ์วสุ (แฮม)
Position: Bass
Nationality: Thai
Date of Birth: 16th August,  1991
Languages: Thai, English
Hobbies: Sport, music rehearsal
Talents: Boxing

Name: ณรงค์เดช กุลเกียรติชัย (บิว)
Position: Drums
Nationality: Thai
Date of Birth: 14th March, 1991
Languages: Thai, English
Hobbies: playing the drums
Talents: Drawing Graffiti


4 responses to “[Profile] Fact U

  1. whaa yeah for information on FACT U~ i’m so happy. i could always ask my mom to translate… but then i don’t want to. lol btw, i don’t think Guy will be in this group anymore. since i haven’t seen him around in other KK videos… and he’s not (or the other members of FACT U) is on the ilovekamikaze website. D; as they used to be before. but anyways~ thank you for sharing. =]

    • Hey there!
      I haven’t heard very much about them. First it was announced they were going to change their name, then more recently my friend mentioned to me that there were member changes and that Taishi who is a friend of her’s from school wasn’t going to be in it. I have no idea what Kamikaze is doing with them seeing as it’s been two years since they first revealed them and nothing has happened yet.
      If I found out anymore information I will be sure to update and let you know!

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