[Profile] Tachyon

Name: Tachyon (타키온)
Label: J&H Media
Genre: Pop/Ballad
Debut: 2nd May 2007
Years active: 2007 (Disbanded)

So as you all should know, Jungkyun first debuted in the boy group Tachyon on the 2nd May 2007 with their first and only single “Feel Your Breeze”. When exactly they disbanded is difficult to tell, their wesbite seemed to have been taken down early 2008, but with no other releases after Feel Your Breeze. There was a period of time when the group performed as two (Jungkyun and Daekyu) due to Hojun’s filming schedule.

Son Ho Jun [손호준] (Leader)
Date of Birth: June 27, 1984
Family: Parents and an older brother
Speciality: Writing songs
Late in the summer of 2007 it was announced Hojun would be debuting in China as an actor. The Tachyon boys went along with him and carried on performing there for a period of time. He has since been in three Chinese-Korean produced films: Death Bell (2008), Wish (2009) and Death Bell 2 (2010). Prior to Tachyon he was a model and a news anchor.

Jung Jung Kyun [정정균] (Lead Vocalist/Maknae)
Date of Birth: November 27, 1987
Family: Parents, younger brother and 2 [later 3] dogs.
Speciality: Composing, songwriting, piano, drums, guitar, bass
Later in 2009 he did a duet with the female vocalist JB under the stage name of aR.tery, the song they recorded and performed was “Don’t Leave”. He is now a part of N-Train!

Kang Dae Kyu [강대규] (Rapper)
Date of Birth: September 5, 1986
Family: Parents
Speciality: Rapping, writing raps, choreography
There’s not much that I know about Daekyu. The only thing is that he was a finalist in Battle Shinhwa and because of this, he is good friends with the members of Battle.


One response to “[Profile] Tachyon

  1. aww. i like Tachyon.i mean, never as a big fan. their live perf was terrible when they first debuted but in a short period, they’ve improved. love their performances in Show Survival or whatever the show’s name is. my fav member is Daekyu. he’s pretty cool since he was in Battle Shinhwa. sadly he was eliminated just a couple of episodes before the grand finals, he was from group 1 so i had been used to see him in the show with his vibrant style. hopefully he’d rebut too, like Junggyun. thanks for the infos.

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