[Profile] XIS

Name: XIS (เอ็กซ์ ไอ เอส)
Language: Thai
Label: Kamikaze
Genre: Pop
Debut: January 6th, 2011
Years active: 2011

XIS is a 6 member boy band who are based in Thailand. They debuted at the start of the year with the upbeat pop track “Reverse” and later in May released “Deception”, a single that showed a darker side to them and their voices. There is a mix of nationalities within the group and all of them have studied in International schools, meaning that they can all speak English.

Name: Pichayut Sirawongprasert (พิชชี่ ศิระวงศ์ประเสริฐ)
Nationality: Thai
Date of Birth: 5th June, 1993
Languages: Thai, English
Hobbies: Painting, cooking and golf
Talents: Beat boxing and dancing

Name: Kyungtae Park (Kor: 박경태 Thai: คยองเท ปาร์ค)
Nationality: Korean
Date of Birth: 25th July, 1994
Languages: Korean, Thai, English
Hobbies: Basketball, Skateboard
Talents: Kendo

Name: Vorakorn Sirisorn (วรกร ศิริสรณ์)
Nationality: Thai
Date of Birth: 30th October, 1994
Languages: Thai, English, Japanese
Hobbies: Basketball
Talents: Japanese (lived in Japan for 6 years)

Name: Kevin Wong (เควิน หว่อง)
Nationality: Thai-Hongkongnese
Date of Birth: 16th July, 1995
Languages: Thai, Cantonese, English
Hobbies: Basketball, Skateboard
Talents: B-Boy, Beatbox

Name: Pakapol Loychilakul (ภัคพล ลอยจิรากุล)
Nationality: Thai
Date of Birth: 5th September, 1995
Languages: Thai, English
Hobbies: Sports
Talents: Piano, sailing

Name: Jiho Kim (Kor: 김지호 Thai: จีโฮ)
Nationality: Korean
Date of Birth: 26th December, 1995
Languages: Korean, Thai, English
Hobbies: Games, Basketball
Talents: Korean language


5 responses to “[Profile] XIS

  1. ahh i love XIS~ they’re super adorable, but very talented as well. and thank you so much for the profile~ i can’t read Thai script, so I never knew all their details. and at least now i know why Kevin hasn’t done any “Mandarin” lyrics in the songs, he only knows Cantonese, and usually that doesn’t happen in songs much. anyways, thank you for sharing!

  2. This is great! Since I am a fan of Kamikaze, the company they debuted from in Thailand, I heard alot of news about them having a comeback. I actually follow them on instagram and also they have a fanpage on facebook. They have said things about it also! I think this a perfect opportunity for them to shine brighter then they are. Oh, maybe you guys can do an article about that when more info is collected sometime. Thank you for sharing their profile with us, I actually never knew they were born in the 90’s. They seem like perfect men in their early 20’s, haha ^^
    Cheers, ~ Anna Pathammavong

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