Review: Coin Jackson’s “Beginning”

Coin Jackson is a 6 member girl group who recently debuted and are labelled as “Hip Hop Acapella”. What exactly this genre entails I am not entirely sure, but this single is certainly not done acapella. But regardless, I can see from this one song that these girls are going to be something. They are another recent group that aren’t the same as other girl groups that tend to retain to a cutesy image.

Feed Back is a pounding R&B/Hip Hop track, it mixes vocal harmonies and rapping from the girls. It’s a very catchy song and it differs a lot from the type of music in the Korean charts just now. The girls have fantastic voices which can be heard due to the lack of autotune in this song (I think this is why they are classed as acapella?) and it is just a really great song. It’s a very good debut song and if this is the sort of style that they are going to have throughout then I look forward to more releases from them!

The second main track on the single is Rumour, a song in a similar style to the first but just that little bit more downbeat. There are vocal effects used every so often, but no autotune; there is a difference. The girls’ voices go really well together and I love having this hip hop style but with an obvious attempt at get some really good vocal harmonies in more than 2 parts and it just works so well as a song.

The rest of the single is the album version of Feed Back and the instrumentals to the song. But I really do hope there is more music from these girls. From what I can see they are the first artists to come from PPP Entertainment and I get the idea they are an Entertainment with not as much money as the others. This is seen through the quality of the music video and such. I see a lot of potential with these girls and I hope the company does too and decides to invest a little bit more in them.


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