Review: J.smine’s “Love’s Way”

Jasmine Chang is one of the members of Loveholics and she recently made her solo debut with the single EP “Love’s Way” which features two tracks. With her smooth voice and pretty wide vocal range, it leaves some promise for these songs and how they are going to sound. 

이별걸음 (A Step To Separation) is a piano based ballad with a lot of vocal emotion in it. She uses her range well throughout the song, with some of the higher power notes really showing the emotion of the lyrics. The accompaniment of the song is really calming, the piano is a mix of simple and intricate, the drums are every few beats and the strings add that extra feeling into the song as a whole. It’s a generally nice sounding ballad that sounds like it would be lovely to hear performed live, as some of the notes would just fill the room.

The second track is 동감 (Ditto/I Agree) is more focused on having an acoustic guitar in the background with some piano, strings and drums. The drums however are a little more upbeat compared to the last track. To me, it’s not as strong as A Step To Separation but nonetheless it is still a really calming song that shows off her vocal ability and range. Though, I do like when the power picks up closer to the end of the track. It sounds like an autumn ballad to me (ballads are super popular in Korea during that season) and sounds like it would fit perfectly within the OST of a drama.

Ballads are a hit or a miss with people, so if ballads are your thing I would say to give her a go, she has a really beautiful voice and hopefully she brings out at least a full album.


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