Review: LA.G’s “Don’t Flatter Yourself”

Here’s a girl band with an interesting twist. LA.G are a five piece pop band that play orchestral instruments within their songs. The combination of pop beats and these instruments is a fantastic idea and hopefully these rookies get some recognition for this, they only debuted this week and people are already praising them. Let’s see where these girls get to, especially since they are breaking out of the mould of the typical girl band that exists just now.

We are first given 착각하지마 (Don’t Flatter Yourself) featuring Shingun, a song that is driven by a powerful bassline and excerpts from Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. A catchy song with a Latin feel to it and it shows off these girls’ talents of really well. Their voices are harmonising perfectly together and even going along with the melody of the instrumental as well. These girls can not only play instruments, they are fantastic singers as well. A good showcase of their talents overall and generally well put together.

흔들려 (Shaken) follows up from this with an upbeat but not as dark sounding song and focusing on higher pitched vocals throughout. It’s another one that is quite catchy and the use of strings at least is less prominent, it seems like they are giving the keyboardist more of a spotlight in the songs until there is an instrumental and rap section when all of the girls are playing together. This is showing these girls to be promising as vocalists and instrumentalists.

Then we are given the 착각하지마 (Don’t Flatter Yourself) LA.G Version which is basically the same as the first song but without the addition of Shingun. So there’s not much I can say about this as it is almost the same as the first but with the rapper from the first one not being a male and being one of the members of the band themselves. Both versions of the song are fantastic though.

I’m really looking forward to more music from these girls because they combine my love of Korean pop music with classical music. They’re not your typical girl band, so that can either be a great or bad thing for them, but we’ll see where this leads! Give them a listen because I can tell you you will love them.


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