Review: Swincle’s “Shake Ur Body”

There are a lot of new groups coming up these days, some of them I prefer more than others. There have been 2 girls groups that have debuted this year that have strongly caught my attention, this is a group that I might add to that list. I don’t know all that much about them but they recently released their debut single “Shake Ur Body” and I’ve decided to give it a go!

The title song Shake Ur Body sounds like it is going to be a ballad song at first, but after a piano introduction it changes into a dance song gradually. I find the “ba ba ba boom boom boom bomb bomb bomb” line that is repeated throughout the song very catchy, becoming a capturing point in the song for me. Much in the way of SNSD’s Gee, having short words repeated in a song can always add a good feeling to it! It’s a generally up beat song and will make you want to have a little dance to yourself. There are a few vocal effects added onto some of the voices in parts but it’s nothing too overwhelming. A song I really like!

괜찮아 (It’s Ok) is a song that sounds like it’s going to be a ballad again and actually is! I have a liking for ballads and I do like this one, but for me it seems to lack in terms of strength. Vocally and lyrically it is very good but the overall sound of it doesn’t keep me occupied throughout the whole thing. There will probably be a good few people that do like it but I’m just not 100% with what I think of it.

The last track on the single is 서있어 (Standing), a song that is quite a light pop song. The girls harmonise really well in it. I really like the overall melody of the song, in particularly the chorus which has its catchy elements in it along with some nice harmonies in it. The song is ruined a little bit by the over distortion done on the vocals half way through, but overall it’s a pretty decent song!

It’s not the strongest debut single that’s come about, but it’s one I definitely like. The title track is a  song I really do enjoy so that’s one I’ll be keeping and I’ll be keeping my out on these girls to see what else they come out with in the near future.


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