Review: Cha Jiyeon’s “Where Are You”

 Cha Jiyeon is a musical actress who first made her appearance on MBC’s “I’m A Singer” and caught the attention of singer-songwriter Im Jaebum who is more than keen to help her forward her career as a vocalist. Her first single 그대는 어디에 (Where Are You) is a remake of Jaebum’s version and actually features him on the track.

I’ve heard the original version of the song and I have heard this version and there’s no way to compare them, they both sound lovely and it’s nice to have a male and a female version of the song. They are both strong, emotional vocalists that show the emotion differently but equally using their voices. Her voice lingers over a very calming, ethereal primarily drum/percussion and synth based accompaniment. Her voice remains quite gentle throughout the most part of the song, but lets her voice show some power at the right parts, the song builds up as the strength of her voice does. Jaebum’s part adds and extra depth the overall tone of the song, while her voice is quite low, his is even lower so it just fills the sound of the whole song out more.

This is just a lovely song in both versions, but because I have a slight preference for her voice, I think I prefer this version better because I get her voice and the best of Jaebum’s voice in parts of the song.


One response to “Review: Cha Jiyeon’s “Where Are You”

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