Review: Daikoku Danji’s “Love Bingo!”

Daikoku Danji (known as Dae Guk Nam Ah in Korean or The Boss in English) is a 5 member South Korean group who, earlier this year, made their Japanese debut with the single Love Power. They have now recently released their second Japanese single “Love Bingo!” which is just as happy as Love Power! The single includes 2 extra tracks on it and as a whole, seems like the perfect summer release! It has been announced that they are returning to Korea on the 3rd of July for promotions for a Korean single (some rumours circulate about it only being a sub unit release but we will just have to see!) and will be returning to Japan in August.

We start off with “Love Bingo!” which starts with a catchy hook of “la la lala love bingo!” which then brings in the verses of the song. With each of their unique tones following one another, it makes for a really nice song to listen to, then we are brought to a pretty catchy chorus and an extended hook and this format carries on throughout the whole song. Now, while the song is quite, well, really upbeat and poppy, the vocal skills of the members still shines through and you can hear they are having fun while maintaining their stable vocals. If you’re in need of a happy song for the summer, go and check this one out because I bet it’ll make you smile!

夏の記憶 (Summer Memories) is a lovely little pop ballad that comes after that really upbeat first track! The song has an instrumental focus on the piano, strings, acoustic guitar and a little bit of a music box sounding instrument. The song allows for a stronger focus on the vocals though, there are some nice harmonies coming from the boys usually having on member singing over the others. The song is really calming and melancholic, I have liked all of the ballads that the boys have come out with both in Korea and Japan, particularly the Japanese ones, so this one pleases me just as much as all of the other ones. If you like 5 minute long ballads then I recommend you give this a listen!

The last song is MAGIC, a song I would describe as being a pop ballad as it is ballady, but not to the extent of the previous track. The song begins with some really nice strings being played which then leads into the vocals of the members.There are a lot more harmonies within this song and the chorus is pretty catchy as well. The song kind of lilts along with a steady beat that is focused on in the strings. The song isn’t a favourite on the single, but the overall melody and sound of the sound is really nice. If you’re not big on ballads, but like them if they have a slight feeling of being upbeat to them, then give it a go! It certainly picks up a little more near the end.

I know these boys do have a number of fans, but I feel they do deserve a lot more recognition for their work. I’m glad that they managed to get their first single high on the oricon charts in Japan without having to ride on some hallyu wave of popularity, they did through their sheer talent and I think it’s time people opened their eyes to how well these boys can sing because they can sing a lot better than some of the really popular idols out there. I’m interested to see what their next release is going to be, and they’ve said they’ve been recording again in Japan (some say this is incorrect, but we will see if that’s cleared up fully), so we can look forward to that as well!


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