Review: Shin Goeun’s “Love Pop”

I’m not sure how popular this girl is going to get, but I see some potential in her to at least have a few listeners here and there, based on the fact that her page on last fm got a selection of comments on it within a day of the song being released and this doesn’t happen often unless the act is an anticipated or popular one, so I guess that’s a good start for her! So, because she’s not hugely popular, I will go ahead and do a short review of this first single of hers called “Love Pop”!

The song is quite upbeat and has a definite feel of bubble pop to it. Her voice has quite a decent range to it but she stays primarily in the higher part of her own range throughout the majority of the song with a few extra high notes every so often, particularly in the chorus. The song has quite a 90s feel to it and has some catchy hooks to it. But for me, the song itself doesn’t particularly stand out all that much, but it is a generally pleasing to listen to song and I hope she brings out more to show off her voice to the full potential she could. A ballad may do that, but perhaps a song with a little more of a R&B feel to it as well. We’ll just have to see what she brings to us in the near future!

Also, I’ll try and post some information on her in the next few days/week, I tried to find stats for her on the day of the single’s release briefly and I didn’t find much, but I will provide some soon!


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