Review: Navi’s “Diary”

I know some of the current reviews I’m doing are one track ones, but I think it’s good to write about them and not ignore them just because they’re a single and not an album! So Navi is one of the vocalists people would class as pretty under appreciated and I have to agree, she has a fantastic voice and not a lot of people have taken the time to consider that. But anyway, Diary is her latest single and I guess it could be described as a R&B ballad.

The instrumental features a guitar, piano and drums primarily with a few extra instruments here and there and her voice floats over the verses and she comes in with a lot more power in the chorus. There are a few catchy hooks within the song and the chorus itself is quite catchy as well. The song overall is really calming to listen to although it does have that feeling of being upbeat at the same time and her voice is just so easy to listen to because she controls it so well and uses a mix of power within the song and conveys the emotions of the song well. It’s a song I would have expected from her and I’m hoping she comes out with more in the year because her last album was fantastic. If you’re wanting to get into Navi’s music you should make this as a start to see what you think of her, because this song really shows of her vocal ability.


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