Review: HITT’s “Here Is The Top”

Now, since ballad groups don’t tend to be as popular as dance groups, I feel writing a review about this group fits in well here. HITT is a 6 member group whose members have all been highly praised on their vocal abilities by 4men and Yiruma, so there were high expectations with this group. Did they meet said expectations? Let’s find out!

The mini album starts off with I Will Always Love You and I’ll say now, this is my favourite song on the mini. The song has an instrumental focus on percussion instruments and a harp which is an interesting take that really works, there is also the use of the electric guitar as well, but a very clean sounding one. The sound has a nice calm feeling to it but there are a few more upbeat parts throughout, but primarily it stays as a very mellow ballad. The english is a bit on the Engrish side but it kind of adds a cute touch to the song. There are some stunning harmonies throughout and there is a nice acapella section at the end of the song. A perfect way to open up the album.

Good Night is the second track and is also the title track that they are currently promoting. It starts off very slow and ballad like and then towards the chorus it builds up into a much more dance track but the emotion of the song remains in the vocals. A strong track that shows how powerful their voices can be. I like how the music changes in pace and feeling quite a lot throughout the whole song, it makes it interesting to listen to and it doesn’t get boring. Definitely a good song and although it may not be strong compared to other debuting songs, I feel this song suits them really well as it is dancy but there’s been no vocal editing done, so we get to see how well they sing.

The third track is 하지마 (Don’t Do It) which is another calming ballad from the boys, one that shows a lot of vocal emotion from all of them. There is a primary focus on the piano, synth sounds, percussion and some strings throughout for the instrumental. The vocal melody going over it is really lovely and you can hear how unique each of the guys’ voices are and how emotional they can be when they sing.. There is also an unplugged version of this as the final vocal track  which focuses more on the piano and strings for the instrumental and is a little more calmer than this one, which is saying something. Overall, it’s a really lovely track on the album.

Run Away follows this up and features a very staccato filled piano instrumental and is slightly upbeat as well, there are one or two elements of jazz as well, but only in a few parts of the song. Like Good Night, it is another song that is quite dancy/poppy and I find the chorus of this song to be particularly catchy as well. There is also a section that sounds like it reaches a little into rock but then it quickly comes back into piano instrumental of the song. Another powerful song with lots of harmonies and there’s a quite a lot of English in it as well, not a drastic amount but some! It’s a really great addition to the album.

The last track (not including the unplugged version and the instrumentals) on this album is 한참 (A Long Time) which features the very well known and very talented pianist and Korean composer Yiruma. The song is a piano ballad that has nothing but the boys’ voices and Yiruma playing the piano as beautifully as he does. There are also some acapella parts as well. The song is calming and emotion filled again. There is a high note near the end that is absolutely stunning (once I’m 100% on the members’ voices I”ll edit who that was in!) and overall, the song is just really pleasant to listen to. Yiruma’s expressive playing really adds something to it.

They certainly met expectations. I have nothing bad to say about this album at all, it’s absolutely perfect to me, this is coming from someone who absolutely adores ballads so of course it’s going to be good to me! I know ballad groups never really get the attention they deserve, a lot of people prefer cute dance groups full of really attractive guys and overlook the talented ballad artists that may not seem attractive to them. Well here we have an attractive group of guys with really fantastic voices, it’s a perfect combination and I look forward to anything else they intend on bringing out.


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