Featured Artist: Battle

This was a requested article which was requested by my friend Suet and this is a group that is definitely underrated and more people definitely need to know more about them. I also feel it’s a good place to have all the information you can get about them in the one place while you still can, because from experience, finding out about older groups that didn’t get huge is very difficult. Sites get taken down and information sources lack updates, so I guess this will be a place for people to come to for when the boys make a comeback or in later years, someone may hear of Battle but may find it difficult finding out about them and don’t want to trawl through the 500+ pages on soompi’s thread for info, this will be here for them to find out most of what is needed.

Battle (배틀) is a South Korean group who originally debuted as a 6 member group and then became a 5 member group after the departure of one of the members. The group was formed through Let’s Coke Play! Battle Shinhwa! and each of the members were picked by each of the members of the group Shinhwa with the initial aim to become the next Shinhwa. But the boys decided that instead of trying to become the next Shinhwa, they were going to make a name for themselves as Battle, but look to Shinhwa as their mentors. They made their official debut on the 17th of December 2006 with the single “Crash”. Their official fan colour is pearlescent gold and their fans are called Destiny/Winners. I will talk about the following topics:

  • Formation: Let’s Coke Play! Battle Shinhwa!
  • Debuting with “Crash”
  • Second Single and Popularity in Thailand and China
  • Six Becomes Five
  • Military Service and a Break
  • Taehwa’s solo single
  • *Update* Taehwa’s planned Japanese debut in a new group
  • Member Profiles
  • Discography (including MV links)
  • Other Idols Featured on Battle Shinhwa
  • Extra Links

Formation: Let’s Coke Play! Battle Shinhwa!
LCP! BS! is a television show that I guess you can say is similar to the likes of Pop/American Idol, X Factor and so on that put the participants through vocal assessments, made them perform and there was an elimination process that went along with it. Some of the contestants that didn’t make it into this group are actually idols now or had a period of time of being such. But for the final round, each member of Shinhwa had to pick one person to be part of the group. I will go into who picked who when I get round to the boys profiles at the end of the post. I will also be uploading various episodes of Battle Shinhwa (a total of 12) onto youtube and I will change this sentence here with a link to a playlist of them when I have done so!

Debuting with “Crash”
The boys made their debut on the 17th of December with their first single “Crash (Crazy In Love)” which is a song that combines dance pop with some rather distorted guitars, it’s a very strong track in itself and showed of the boys’ vocals off very well. The single featured a ballad “Icarus” and a song with a similar feeling to Crash, “Flying Up” but had a much stronger feeling of rap in it. It seems that they had received a mix of reactions from those who attended and watched music shows and critics alike.

Second Single and Popularity in China and Thailand
Staff from some of the big music companies situated in Thailand had come over to Korea to interview the boys and had stated that the boys had a large fanbase within the country and with that the boys participated in a tour in Thailand. It was then that they released their second single “Tell Me!” which, while having that same guitar sound as their first single, it was a much lighter song to listen to. It was very much in the pop genre and is really catchy and has a generally happy sound to it. The single charted well and after promoting the single in Thailand they had decided to go over to China, another place where they had a decent fanbase to promote the single as well. The boys then suspended group activities for 8 months.

Six becomes five
Kihyun had played a small role in the drama “My Fair Lady” which aired on televisions in 2009. After filming the drama (in 2008), he had decided that he wanted to pursue a career in acting rather than singing, so with his he left the group. After this, Battle released their single Step By Step on the 10th of June 2008 and made their live comeback on the 13th. Step By Step is a very upbeat dance track and as far as I can see it is the most popular track by them. Prior to the promotions of the single, group activities came to a stop.

Military Service and a break
In 2008, two of the members Hwichan and Lio entered the military to do their mandatory service with Hwichan on the 2nd of June and Lio on the 7th. They have now completed said service. In 2010, it was then made known that Ryu had entered the military to do his own service a month after the other two members had completed theirs, prior to this, he spent his time focusing more on his acting career. The youngest member Chris went back to the US to study music in New York.  It has not been made known when Taehwa and Chris are to be joining the military as of yet as Chris is still in the US right now, but with Ryu being in the military just now, there’s not much chance of there being a comeback as a group just yet. Taehwa did however go on to release a solo single.

Taehwa’s solo single
Taehwa released his first solo single Fallen Angel on the 6th October 2009, instead using the alternate romanisation of his surname (Zin rather than Jin) as his stage name for this single and the promotional period of it. The single featured the B-side track “With U…” which is a ballad track. There has not been news of any other solo single coming from him as of yet.

Update #1: Taehwa’s planned Japanese debut in a new group

With a number of the members having finished their military service, Ryu still being in the military, Chris still studying music in the US only Taehwa was still really left. A few months ago, Taehwa had posted a photo of himself in a practice room which really resembled SM Entertainment’s rehearsal room. It brought hope to fans that there is a chance he might release a follow up single, yet there was confusion as to why he would be in SM’s practice room. The idea was partially pushed aside when the idea that he may have just been there to visit his friend Shindong who is a member of SM’s Super Junior.

It was later revealed that he would be debuting in an all male Korean group in Japan called M.E.N and will be making their debut late 2011. See here for more info. Ideas are circulating that they may be a project group, but for the moment we will just say they are a permanent new group.

So with the current situation that the boys are in right now, don’t expect a comeback just yet or well, at all. There may come a time when they have all finished their military service (or at least Ryu at the moment), Taehwa might not want to carry on with his new group and so on and they might decide to make their comeback after that. Maybe they’ll make like Shinhwa and all make an attempt at a solo career or something related to music industry and then come back together. Either of those situations I do hope for as the boys are all very talented not only vocally but in their dancing as well, it would be nice to see them on the stage again and I guess for now we can only hope that the 5 of them will be on stage again together.

Member Profiles
I tried for very recent to decently recent photos!

Ryu (류)
Real Name: Won Seung Jae (원승재)
Date of Birth: April 18, 1987
Position: Leader and Rapper
Height: 185cm
Blood type: A
Chosen by: Andy
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/wsj333

Lio (리오)
Real Name: Park Ji Woon (박지운)
Date of Birth: August 21, 1987
Position: Rapper
Height: 181cm
Blood type: B
Chosen by: Jun Jin
Cyworld: Does not currently have a cyworld
Studied in China so has a fluency in Chinese

Tae Hwa (태화)
Real Name: Jin Tae Hwa (진태화 )
Date of Birth: January 1, 1988
Position: Lead Vocals
Height: 178cm
Blood type: AB
Chosen by: Minwoo
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/ganziyaa
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/eins7777

Hwi Chan (휘찬)
Real Name: Kim Tae Kwan (김태관)
Date of Birth: June 8, 1988
Position: Main Vocals
Height: 180cm
Blood type: AB
Chosen by: ~Dongwan (replaced Dongwan’s initial choice of Janghyun who decided to leave to focus on studies)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eueuTG
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/4reverstar

Chris (크리스)
Real Name: Jung Hyung Rok (정형록)
Date of Birth: October 27, 1989
position: Vocals
Height: 186cm
Blood type: B
Chosen by: Hyesung
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/chris-j
Lived in the US from the ages of 13-17 so has a fluency in English

Former Member

Ki Hyun (기현)
Real name: Shin Kihyun (신기현)
Date of Birth.: June 19, 1987
Position: Rapper
Height: 187cm
Blood Type: B
Chosen by: Eric
Twitter: http://twitter.com/KihyunS
Cyworld:  http://www.cyworld.com/llululala


1st single – Crash
Released: December 17, 2006
1. Crash | Music Video
2. Icarus
3. Flying Up
4. Icarus (Instrumental)

2nd single – 말해!
Released: May 30, 2007
1. 말해! (Tell Me!) | Music Video
2. Hey Yo
3. 고장난 가슴 (Broken Heart)
4. 고장난 가슴 (Broken Heart) (Instrumental)

3rd single – Step By Step
Released: June 10, 2008
1. Big Change (feat. Deegie)
2. Step By Step | Music Video
3. Luv U


[Zin Taehwa] 1st single- 타락천사
Released: October 6, 2009
1. 타락천사 (Fallen Angel) (feat. Jed) | Music Video
2. With U…

Other idols featured on Battle Shinhwa
You will be really surprised at how many of the current idols just now were actually contestants on the tv show as well, so from the episodes I have seen I will point out who has been and if you happen to know anyone else please don’t be afraid to tell me!

  • Lee Seunghyun (aka Seungri) from Big Bang
  • Gina Choi (G.NA)
  • Jun Hyosung from Secret
  • Son Gain from Brown Eyed Girls
  • Kang Daekyu from Tachyon
  • Lee Minhyuk (B-bomb) from Block B
  • Kim Janghyun from Sunny Hill (Dongwan’s original choice for Battle)
  • Taegoon
  • Park Yunhwa from T-Max
  • Junyoung from DNT
  • Minseok from Touch
Extra Links
I only recommend you join this if you have a fluency or good understanding of Korean and know a lot about the boys. As groups gain more popularity, it gets more difficult to be able to upgrade (this is to keep antis out) and because of this, there are lots of questions. You are asked to name all the members and their info, who sings what line in a song along with other questions only fans would know, and it needs to be filled in Korean as far as I am aware (some cafes do allow for English but I’m not sure if this applies to Battle’s).
If you’re wanting to read up on everything that happened, people’s opinions on what happened, photos and so on feel free to read through the many many pages that this thread contains, there are also sub threads for each of the members’ photos
International Forum
Still open for registration, for spam prevention the forum works in a manner that you need to upgrade on the forum before you can view the posts (it’s like a subdued version of upgrading on a fancafe), just go to the bulletin board and leave a comment in the validation thread and after that you will be able to view the whole forum! It also features links to some related fan sites.
Run by Suet who requested the article, it’s a good place to find videos and recent photos and updates of the boys!
Anything else you would like to know please feel free to ask me and I will try and answer/find out for you!

2 responses to “Featured Artist: Battle

  1. omg… i feel like crying right now. T^T i don’t know why, but i think it’s because it’s good to see that Battle is still being mentioned and remember in 2011… even when a lot of people don’t even know who they are… even those people who are “hardcore kpop” fans. D; although i have been out of the loop with them, it’s good to see English sources and updates! if i knew Korean, it would of been a lot easier, but of course i do not know it. thank you so much Unsungbyul and i’m so glad your friend, Suet had requested this. for some reason, it just touches my heart. i really do hope for a comeback from them later on… but as of right now, i will suffice with having information about them like this. i’m so glad you have compile a lot of information and sources into one place, it definitely makes everything a whole lot better. thank you very much. ^^V

  2. I really miss this group…. they are the one who dragged me into K-Pop world!
    LOL :))

    I wouldn’t be so into Korean if it’s not for them! but it’s really sad for their bad luck…
    I just understand now that their company’s marketing plan was so wrong…

    Anyway, thanks for writing about them! It’s good to know that there’re still some fans waiting for them :))

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