Review: ZE:A’s “Exciting!”

ZE:A is a group that are decently well known but are pretty under appreciated by the majority. They made their debut in 2010 and since then have released several Korean and Japanese singles and one full album earlier this year. They are now back with their new single “Exciting!” which was then followed up a day later with the track “Invicible” which is a very powerful rock based song completely in English.

As most single albums do, Exciting! starts of with an Intro. I still can’t decide what the instrumental reminds me off, I guess MBLAQ’s Stay for the sheer use of the water drop sound but the strings at the start make me think of JRPG soundtracks, particularly one I played when I was younger than had a slightly French sound to the soundtrack. It then goes into a rather fast dance song there are some nice little ad libs and harmonies in the 1:12 it lasts for. As I always say, there’s not much to be said about an intro, but it definitely carries the summer feel into te single!

The title track of the single album is Watch Out!! which basically screams a summer song to me. Not only due to the MV but the song generally has a really upbeat and light sound with very catchy lines, the rather jazzy guitar kind of adds to the feeling of the song, which kind of makes me think of 90s disco music for the most part! It’s a song that will make you want to get up and dance for sure! There are a lot of people that do not like this song I have found, but if you’re someone who wants a nice playlist of upbeat, catchy pop songs for the summertime then I’ll suggest this song to you or if you generally want to listen to something to perk you up after a bad day, this is the sort of song that will! I personally do like this song though, as much as I don’t like cute concepts, this extent of such works well with me.

왜요? (Why? [this is the formal/polite way of saying it]) is a mostly ballad track but kind of mixes in some pop as well, I think the main focus of this song is definitely the harmonies in the chorus of “waeyo?” which is pretty catchy as well. There is a use of 8 bit sounds as well, which doesn’t happen often and I don’t think I’ve seen that used in kpop, but if definitely adds a slightly unique and happier sound to it although it is supposed to be a partial ballad. I guess you could call it a summer ballad, one that is kind of sad but still has that upbeat summer feel to it. It’s kind of one of those songs that you want to sing along to with your friends, defintiely a good listen!

The last track is Heart for 2 which is my favourite and seems to be closer to the style that ZE:A is more known for in their earlier songs (Think Mazeltov, Level Up and so on). It’s got a much darker synth sound to it and has a little more vocal effects put on it compared to the last two, but it’s really not an overwhelming amount. The vocals are very strong throughout as it is supposed to be quite a powerful song as the lyrics themselves are powerful. The chorus is very catchy and I like the use of overlapping vocals every so often. If you’re looking for that slightly darker sound then go for this song for sure, as I said it is my favourite so it’s a song I really like on this single. But saying that, I do like the whole thing!

If you’re someone who hasn’t got into ZE:A yet and you are considering it then I would recommend you give their full album Loveability a go first, it features their previous title track singles and some of the b-sides on the singles along with a new set of songs. I guess it shows the boys off the very best and kind of lets you catch up with their releases since debut, then give this a try. It’s a single album that is perfect for the summertime and I would really recommend it!

2 responses to “Review: ZE:A’s “Exciting!”

  1. Hello, thankyou for the review.

    Did you actually buy the album? Does the album contain pictures?

    • Hello! Unfortunately I haven’t got myself a physical copy yet, but I imagine that there will at least be a booklet of photos in the album because they had done a nice little photoshoot for it :) If I can find some scans I will post them!

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