Review: Block B’s “New Kids on The Block”

I know this isn’t a very new release but it is one I have wanted to write about for a while but never really got myself round to doing so! So a lot of people will know Block B, some people may or may not like them but I myself am a fan and they are a group that since debut I have always had a liking for; I do not consider myself a BBC, but they are a group I really do like and they are one of the few groups that have debuted this year that have actually caught my attention.

New Kids on The Block is their first EP, containing 6 songs and 3 instrumentals, for this review I am only reviewing 3 songs as the other 3 were already released on their “Wanna B” single in April. Although I do know there are a few alterations vocally and lyrically to them.

The first track “Halo” is one that is strong in the hip hop style that the boys are known for. As expected, the focus is primiarly on rapping while the vocalists chime in at intervals for the majorty of the verses. The chorus is I guess a mix of singing and chanting, “Raise your hands if you (hatin’/envy/catchin’) me//Halo, halo halo, halo,” makes up the structure of a very catchy chorus. The song in general has that badass sound to it that we all like Block B for and of course if you like hip hop in general or Block B, then I reckon you will like this song.

The second track is 가서 전해 (Tell Them) and is the title (promoted) track from the EP and it actually surprised a lot of people. The song is a lot more “poppy” than all of their previous releases and I think a lot of people were disappointed for not getting the raw hip hop they were used to from them. But this song is definitely one for summer and is really catchy and uplifting, but if you listen carefully you can still hear the hip hop sound and there is still quite a focus on rapping in the song, so you’re getting a good mix from them! If you’re wanting something a little bit different in sound, something quite poppy but not your standard bubble pop perhaps? Go for this for sure!

The last song that I am going to write about is U Hoo Hoo which, along with Tell Them kind of has a stronger feeling of pop in it while remaining with a slight touch of hip hop. It’s a song with a lot of vocal effects used and the song has perhaps a slightly stronger focus on vocals rather than rapping but there is still quite a lot of rapping as well. There are some really nice vocal melodies going on, particularly in the chorus and it’s quite a steady yet uplifting song. The chorus is probably my favourite part of the song and this is one of the songs by them that I really do like (saying that, I do like pretty much all of Block B’s songs). Definitely worth at least a few listens.

Block B are one of the few groups this year that have debuted that I have actually really liked and I think it’s based on the freedom they have with writing their work and the general feel of the music is really good, I’m a little bit weak for hip hop so it works well for me. The mix of pop with hip hop is really interesting and the boys have managed to get it to work really well for them, so another impressive release from Block B!


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