Review: GP Basic’s “Jelly Pop”

Now, I’m going to start this with being entirely honest, I’ve never really been a fan of GP Basic, I am honestly turned off by younger groups because I know for a fact most of the groups will have the cute concept that I am not really a fan of, it’s not that I have anything against young people entering the music business, it’s just I personally prefer a more mature sound to the music I listen to. With that, I can make a few exceptions and will listen to the odd “cute” song/group every now and then.

When the music video came out it was posted on tumblr and as it was on my dash I thought why not give it a go? So, this is a rather spontaneous and of course very short review on what I think of the song.

Putting the name and everything aside; I really like this song. I like how the song as a whole has a very slight hip hop touch to it, nothing to strong but it’s still there. The song in its entirety is very catchy, the verses, chorus and the hooks will make you all want to sing along to it. I’m quite a fan of the rappers’ voices, they are all young but they have got a good tone to their voice and through the autotune on the vocalists you can hear they have a nice overall tone to their voices (I still need to see this live) and the vocal melodies are generally pleasing to listen to. If you need a catchy pop/r&b/hip hop song with a young sound to it, I’d defintely give this a go.

It’s obviously not for everyone this song, so if you’re not really up for how I have described it then I wouldn’t advise you listen to it, especially if you’re 100% against autotune being used in song (I am for debuts at the least, other tracks I will allow). This song is currently my jam at the moment and I’m actually really surprised I like it because it’s not my usual type of song to listen to! It’ll be interesting to see what the 6 girls grow into as they grow older.


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