Featured Artist: May Doni

The reason I am doing this is because I feel she is very underrated, very few people know who she is and when they do end up finding out about her, the newest posts in English about her are from about 2009. So this is a way of compiling everything about her in the one place while updating you on what she has been getting up to. This will go up as far as mid 2011 at the moment. Topics within this post will be:

  • Profile
  • Discovery, Training and Changing Labels
  • Debuting with Cho PD
  • Releasing Her First Mini Album and “Disappearing”
  • A Duet; Still Singing
  • Making a Debut in Acting
Full Name: May Doni Kim (메이다니김)
Date of Birth: July 24th, 1991
Born: United States
Height: 160cm
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/kimmaydoni
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/smileyenny (this is actually her sister’s account, Maydoni seems to post through it though)
Fancafe:  http://cafe.daum.net/ygmd1 (Need a KSSN; not open to foreigners)
Discovery, Training and Changing Labels
May Doni was found through JYP’s Talent Development Project, 99% in 2001 which was basically JYP’s version of American Idol. After this, she was then signed onto YG Entertainment in 2005 where she received vocal training from YG’s own Big Mama. She later left YG in 2007 and signed up to Nega Network which is the same company that homes Brown Eyed Girls. A lot of people would prefer she stayed with YG and some don’t really know why she left. The reason behind this was because May Doni’s sister Yenny was considered to not be good enough to debut, in a way that she hadn’t made much improvement throughout her training. So, when Yenny was made to leave, May Doni did too as she wanted to debut with her sister. Yenny then became a backing dancer for May Doni’s performances. Here is a video of Yenny singing: here.
Debuting with Cho PD
Cho PD is a pretty well known hip hop producer, rapper and now manager from having created and trained the group Block B. May Doni made her “unofficial” debut as a feature on his track “Attraction/Pull”. It seemed to be a big change from the ballads that those following her in her trainee days had seen, but  a few agreed that this music style suited her voice a lot.
Releasing Her First Mini Album and “Disappearing”
It was then on the 15th January 2009 that May Doni made her official debut as a solo singer with the release of her mini album “7Teen” in which Cho PD himself helped work on one of the tracks. While the songs did show off her voice well for the most part, many fans and netizens agreed the songs were very underwhelming for her and just didn’t do her favours or showed off her real potential. The single she released was Molla-ing which featured the male group 2AM. It was after the release of this when she seemed to have “disappeared” from the music scene. She did however, post several videos of herself doing covers with her singing and rapping in them. Some of them included covers of Baek Ji Young, Outsider, Adam Lambert and the very well known “Fox Rain” from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho/Nine Tailed Fox. There had, however, been no news of her making a musical comeback, some gave up on her making a comeback for good.
A Duet; Still Singing
However, on the 29th of December 2010, May Doni recorded a duet called “Strangers” with Hwanhee; a former member of Fly to The Sky. This was a pleasant surprise for both fans of May Doni and Hwanhee, it also left some hope for May Doni to make a proper comeback. But it seems at the moment she has other ideas.
Making a Debut in Acting
You may have heard of the horror film “White”, it’s become known for having Eunjung of T-ARA in it. But it was a surprise for myself to find that May Doni herself has a pretty big role herself as Shinji, one of the members of the fictional girl group in the film. Pink Dolls is a girl group who really never manage to make the big time, but they then release the single “White”, which was a remake that had no known origin. As time goes by and as their popularity increases, competitiveness between the girls to get the role of lead singer increases and when a member becomes the lead singer, they each fall into a horrible accident. It is then discovered the song White is cursed and Eunjoo (Eunjung) who discovers this tries to reveal the secret behind it. I myself have not watched it so I do not know how the film ends, once I find English subs I will link it here.
Hopefully that is enough on May Doni for people at the moment, I will keep updating whenever something important happens related to her and her music career and if there is anything else you would like to know about her please don’t be afraid to ask and I will try and find out for you. If you want to see more of her, searching her into youtube will give you most of the tracks from her mini along with the covers she has recently done along with several trainee videos (since YG utilises a video practice training scheme).
Until we get more from her, enjoy the song “White” from the film which is sung by Pink Dolls.

3 responses to “Featured Artist: May Doni

  1. omg, no way! she’s acting in here! mang, now i definitely want to watch this! and i really do hope she makes a comeback. i miss hearing her sing. also she seems friendly with Dia… so i hope that both get to do a track together! and thank you so much for compiling all of this. i greatly appreciate! =]

    • You should definitely give it a watch! :) if you’re a bit squeemish just be warned that there are a few scenes that are a bit, well, scary to watch but they’re fine if you just cover your eyes! :)
      I am longing for the two of them to do a duet or something, it’s like a dream of mine ahha!
      It’s no problem at all! I’m glad you enjoyed it! :)

      • definitely went to search for the movie after reading your article! i love it! it wasn’t that squeamish, but it definitely was interesting to watch. and i definitely love that she/her character was able to show case her dancing! she’s such an awesome dancer. and and… yes, Dia and May Doni’s duet is <3. thanks again~ =]

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