Review: Go Jungin’s First Single

Go Jungin is a female folk singer who I guess you could say made her debut this week with her first single that doesn’t really have that much of a title other than “First Digital Single”. It features two tracks that have different feelings in them. I know she plays the guitar in her songs herself, but I have not been able to see writing credits for her songs, but I get the feeling she wrote them herself as well.

The first is 시집이나 가래요 (Would You Marry Me), this song has quite an upbeat and airy feeling to it, she has quite a unique tone to her voice, particularly when she sings the higher notes but it works well generally. The song would fit sitting on the beach with your friends, that’s just the sort of sound the melody and the guitar gives off. There’s a catchy hook of “doodododoodoo” that happens 3/4 of the way into the song. Melodically and rhythmically and instrumentally it is a very simple but it shows you don’t have to make a song fancy to make one that is good. If you’re a fan of folk music or you maybe want to try something a little different when it comes to Korean music, give it a little listen!

The second track is 그 때 (That Time) and is more of a down tempo song and is quite sad as well. There is a main focus of the guitar throughout most of the song but about half the way through a piano joins in as well. She has recorded some harmony lines separately, so it’s just her singing but there’s a harmony existing as well. Generally, it is quite a sad song but one that is easy to listen to. Her voice seems to go a bit lower in parts of this song as well, which shows off her really nice range that goes along with her voice. If light ballads are your thing, this should be something you give a go.

A lovely lady with a very nice voice and two songs that show that off really well. It’s a shame that artists like her don’t really get the chance because they are not your standard pop or idol groups/artists. But she’s definitely worth looking out for!


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