Review: After School’s 4th Single Album- RED

I’m separating the two singles into Red and Blue for the moment, Blue will be done tomorrow! If you weren’t already in the know, Pledis had decided that After School would split into two teams and promote two singles, team Red was to bring a sexy concept while Blue would be a much cuter and sweeter one. So today I will talk about the two songs that are on the RED single, the B-Side if I am correct features all 8 members of After School (taking this from Melon). The Red team consists of Kahi, Uee, Jung Ah and Nana. 

The first song is the song that is sung by only the Red Team and it is 밤 하늘에 (In The Night Sky) and to be quite honest, I am disappointed with this song. With the concept photos and the fact it was announced as being powerful and sexy I do not get that feeling from it in all honesty. It seems to light for me to go along with that concept. There is not that much wrong with the song however, I just had different expectations as to what I was wanting from the Red team. The song is pretty catchy and easy to listen to, it kind of seems to sound like a pop ballad to me more than anything and I feel Brave Sound did a half assed job with the song because they could have done so much better with it in all complete honesty. I was expecting something along the lines of Bang! or even Virgin so they fell short on that one.

Hollywood is the second track and is sung by all 8 members of After School, which I guess I’m partially disappointed about as the song won’t be promoted and I feel it is better than In The Night Sky. The song does have that stronger sound to it, I mean to be sexy the song doesn’t need to be in your face sexy which I guess this is what it is. This song is catchy and the rather dark dance beat througout really adds to the feeling of it, the vocal lines really sound good and the harmonies in the chorus work well. there seems to be a small break of I guess dubstep, it’s kind of difficult to tell. But overall this song is pretty good, not perfect but I do like it a lot.

I know this wasn’t the most positive review I have done and probably makes me out to sound like I don’t like After School but really, I do! I’m just not overly impressed with this release as I had much higher expectations for them. But I would still recommend you give it a go, After School fan or not.


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