Review: After School’s 4th Single Album- BLUE

I’m sorry this is late! I have already review the Red Team from After School for the latest releases to come from the groups and you can find it here. This time I’m going to review the Blue Team’s release, a teaming that is supposed to focus on a softer, cute sound compared to the “sexy” sound of After School Red. This team consists of Raina, Juyeon, Lizzy and E-Young. As before, the song has one single by the team and one by After School as a whole. 

The title track is 원더보이 (Wonder boy), a really light and upbeat song full of strings, high pitched percussion accompanied by a simple dance beat. The song has quite a lot of powerful notes throughout and a lot of harmonies as well. The song, as advertised, is a really nice, cute song and I honestly really like it. It almost branches into the sort of pop you would expect from Japan but not exactly. The chorus is catchy and out of the two promoted singles from the Red and Blue Teams, this is the one I prefer, which is surprising because I thought I would prefer Red. The girls all sound really good in this song live as well.

The second track sung by all of the members is Lady, another song that is quite light but upbeat at the same time. The song has a really lovely piano melody that is carried by some really nice synth sounds that kind of “float’ over the song. The song seems to have a slight focus on at least having two part harmonies throughout the majority of the song. A pleasant song to listen to, it’s catchy, but quite calm and cute to listen to at the same time. This is my personal favourite out of all 4 of the songs that appear on the two singles.

I’m more impressed with the songs from After School Blue if I’m going to be very honest, perhaps because it lived up to my expectations. I do prefer After School’s sexier concepts, when they are subtle about it, there’s no “less is more’ about it. But I do enjoy some of the cute songs as well, so the songs on this single work well with me. Give both a try and see what you think of them!


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