Review: JASMINE’s “Only You”

Sorry the quality of the photo isn’t 100% fantastic, if I could navigate Japanese sites I would upload a better quality version if I happened upon one! But onto the main point!

Jasmine, or Asumi Murakami is her birth name, is a Japanese R&B, Soul and Pop singer, one who I and a lot of other people feel doesn’t get the recognition she deserves. A very talented woman with a fantastic voice, lyrical skills and the rest. She has released 7 singles prior to this release along with a full length album “Gold”. “Only You” is her 8th single and it features two tracks.

The first track is the title song “Only You”, it is a song that has a very simple piano riff playing throughout most of the song. There’s a lot of high falsetto notes in parts that sound really pretty alongside the piano part and some of her deeper vocals. The song is pretty powerful without being over powerful and it’s a very easy to sing along to song while it is a ballad. Overall, everything goes together really nicely and with there being next to no vocal editing done, you can hear her voice very clearly. Definitely worth a shot if you want a ballad that isn’t too depressing.

The B-side of this single is “Addiction” and I am not going to lie, this song lives up to its name, for one I listened to it nearly 100 times within 24 hours! The song is pounding and powerful, there’s a nice edge of sexiness that she manages to capture throughout the whole song and overall, it’s a pretty catchy song that shows off her very powerful voice. The song has a really great beat to it, it would be a good song for someone to choreograph their own routine for it. It’s a pretty fantastic song and I do honestly prefer it over Only You.

Both songs on this single are fabulous and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I know a lot of people don’t like female Jpop artists because a lot of them have that certain high pitch to them, but Jasmine doesn’t have that tone and I feel she is very easy to listen to, if you want a powerful singer that stands out a little in the fashion stakes then definitely give her a go! This would be a pretty good place to start as it shows her ballad side and her more upbeat/dancy side.


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