Review: Sunny Hill’s “Pray”

Sunny Hill is a co-ed group that I have liked for a while. Debuting originally with 3 members and promoting with a cute concept, they changed their ways when they decided to add 2 more members into the group and came back with a much stronger and sexier feel. “Pray” is their newest release and if I am correct it is a song they are not going to be doing any promotions for apart from the MV which unfortunately got a ban placed on it (search it up on youtube and you may slightly understand why).

The song itself is quite a generally soft ballad. The instrumental is fairly basic and consists of mainly simple parts coming together and it allows for the vocals to shine strongly throughout the song. There is a focus on the guitar being played for the most part of the song and it kind of lingers underneath the vocals of the girls. Lyrically it’s a beautifully sad song and the vocals really show the emotion of the lyrics in a very casual but well done manner. There’s no insane power notes but that would definitely overcrowd the song if there had been. The girls all have fantastic voices that go together really well together, it’s a shame Janghyun isn’t getting given that many vocal parts in their recent releases because from watching him on Battle Shinhwa I know he is a great singer. The girls do do a good job nonetheless though!

If you like your ballads give it a go for sure, there are a lot of ballads that come about and of course we aren’t going to like them all, but this is a fairly easy to listen to one and is definitely worth a listen.


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