Review: Yuya Matsushita’s “Super Drive”

This came as a very pleasant surprise to me as I had absolutely no idea this single was out yet so to find out it was made me pretty happy! I have been a fan of this man for a long time and I had been anticipating his next release which is this catchy dance track Super Drive. 

Vocally, the song has a good range throughout it and there is slight use of vocal distortion that doesn’t really take away from the song too much, if anything it just emphasises the dance feel to it. The song is really catchy, there are lots of different hooks sung throughout the song and altogether just makes it a really catchy song. There’s a really good dance feel to this song, it’s probably one of the most upbeat songs he’s had in terms of tempo and the overall feel and it only lets him show more of his dancing skills which you can clearly see in the PV (which I recommend you go and watch!). There’s a nice amount of English within the song which he pronounces really well too so that’s a bonus.

Overall the song is quite frankly, fantastic! Yuya always releases fabulous music and it’s good to see he keeps up with the standard he’s set for himself. Definitely give it a listen!


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