Korean group M.E.N to debut in Japan this year

Today, it had come to the attention of fans of the group Battle that the lead singer, Taehwa was rumoured to be debuting in a new group in Japan, it was later confirmed by a broadcast in Japan that this was in fact true.

The group he will debuting in consists of himself, Im Youngpil (actor from the Korean drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Yoon Gwangseon, Park Jeongjin (former leader of A’ST1) and Sim Jihwan (rapper from Typhoon) and it has been said it is very likely that they will be debuting this year in Japan and will most likely only do promotions in Japan.

Speculations started surrounding around Taehwa amongst fans when he posted a photo of himself on his Cyworld in a practice room and it left hope that he might at least be releasing a solo single, but it seems now this is what he must have been rehearsing for.

The Hanlive source below contains a video of the broadcast too
Source & Credits: Hanlive | Mnet Japan | Amber (Japanese translations)

Also thank you to various Destinys (Battle fans) from different parts of the world that helped track down and confirm the rumour.

4 responses to “Korean group M.E.N to debut in Japan this year

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  3. whaa, at least this is good news to me~ even if it’s a project group, or just another group, it’s still something. because finally i can see and hear Jungjin, Taehwa, and Jihwan again! the others i don’t really know much about. thank you so much for the information! =]

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