Review: Stellar’s “Rocket Girl”

I guess the style of this song is ever so slightly different to what I normally write here but nonetheless here we go! “Rocket Girl” is the debut single of Stellar, a girl group formed by Shinhwa’s Eric under Top Class Entertainment (NOT Top Media) and the song features the man himself! They also released “Loving U” for the OST of Spy Myungwol a few days before their debut.

The song has a really great electronic beat on it with some really catchy vocal lines and hooks. For me, the chorus is my favourite part of the song, it has a really good feel sound to it. The only put off point of this song is the autotune (yes, this is coming from a fan of U-Kiss) but I will go along with it going with the electronic style of music and it isn’t too overpowering so it’s bearable. Eric’s rap really fits in nicely within the song and adds a little extra depth to it. I’m finding this song stuck in my head today after I made myself listen to it a few times to make sure I liked it or not!

Basically, if you want a catchy, Korean, electronica song and can stand to listen to some autotune then I will say to give it a go. Even listening to the instrumental on its own is quite satisfactory. I’m really interested to see what these girls are going to be given next! I will also say if you’re not a fan of autotune but still want to give the girls a shot, listen to Loving U, it’s a really lovely song.

One response to “Review: Stellar’s “Rocket Girl”

  1. this group i think reallii gud singers i think the auto tunin is a bit too much buh overall the music sounds good n its a catchy song indeed n i think they are all pretty.

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