Review: BB.Boys’ “Best of Best”

So I’ve posted about these boys a few times before and I was actually really anticipating their debut after hearing Siwoo’s fabulous voice and hearing the teaser and it finally came around! I’ve been disappointed by debuts after being excited after seeing a teaser (Boyfriend’s teaser was the most deceiving teaser I have ever seen) so I’m happy to say that I am happy with this!

The title track is 우리 잘 될것 같아 (We Will Be Okay) which features the lovely G.NA. First thing that I don’t like about the song though is that as much as I love G.NA’s voice, her singing the same line over and over again is a bit grating, perhaps I listened to the teaser too much but that’s just one point of the song I don’t like. I love both Taehee and Siwoo’s voices (seriously, Siwoo’s voice is one of the best I have heard recently) and i was actually shocked to see that Jino was the rapper, but he has a really relaxed rapping style that I actually quite like (I’m someone that listens to hip hop as well so I do know how rappers are supposed to sound). Overall the some has a really nice melody to it and has quite an uplifting sound to it and it’s very easy to listen to. It might not be a very strong debut song as for the most part ballads/pop ballads are quite daring to debut with as most people will want a strong dance track but I really enjoyed this song!

The second track is 그냥 걸었어 (Just Calling) and is a much more down tempo song. I personally find this song shows a little bit more of Jino’s rapping skills albeit rapping in ballads is quite an awkward thing to do but it works really well. Siwoo’s near perfect English makes the English lines really easy to listen to rather than flinching at awkward sounding pronounciations. Taehee’s voice is again really lovely in this and his voice goes really well with Siwoo’s. Quite honestly the chorus left me a bit heart wrenched the first time I heard it (chords and leaning vocal notes do that to me) and the inclusion of the distorted guitar imitating the vocal line was an interesting touch that wasn’t too showy. Overall, another really good song that I hope they decide to perform at least once.

They’re a group that put a stop to the “debuting with only one song” trend that is happening lately and I’m glad! It gives me more of a chance to listen to their voices! If you’re someone who’s geting sick of Kpop dishing out half assed groups and want to listen to some artists with some real vocal talent (not saying the groups debuting don’t have some vocal talent), give them a listen. If you don’t like ballads (or G.NA, I know a lot of G.NA haters sadly) then give this a miss but if ballads are your thing (if you know me I love my ballads) then listen to them!

I realise after writing this that I wrote it in a much more carefree manner to how I usually write reviews, I don’t really tend to pick out certain aspects of each member’s parts so with that I apologise!


One response to “Review: BB.Boys’ “Best of Best”

  1. no no, this is fine! i totally agree with you! and i love Just Calling! Jino’s rapping and Taehee & Siwoo’s vocals just make this song amazing! well i think so. anything pleasing to my ear just sounds lovely, so it’s kind of the same when i describe it. ^^” but i love your review!and thank you so much for sharing. also *idon’tknowwhocouldhateG.NAreally*

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