Golf-Mike’s Mike covers Aziatix’s “Go”

If you know Thai music at all you’ll most likely know who Golf-Mike are, seeing as the majority of people I know that listen to Thai music (including myself) started by listening to them. So this is Mike, the youngest of the two brothers that make up Golf-Mike and he has been doing a number of covers and posting them on youtube. This one was one of the first I noticed because I was kind of shocked he had covered an Aziatix song (not in a bad way, combining two things I like there!). The guy said himself that it was a low budget job going on here but it looks pretty good to me! He has a very different vocal tone compared to the vocalists of Aziatix but I think he did a really nice job of the track here.

I noticed looking through the comments that Mike had said this:

thx took lots of effort to finish one like this..and its depressing..i hope others see what i am doing..i wanted to improve music industry in thailand..and hopefully one day bring it to the international market…i really do need supporters…real supporters…this is jus one of the things i can do…if i have ppl to support me and supply me with equipments and other stuffs..would b i only hav a camera,cameraman..and editor..which is me spread the words.spread this

I think it’s a really good idea and it’s sweet that he’s putting this kind of effort into doing this. Thai music on an International scale is not all that popular, I know a number of fans but the majority themselves have Thai genes down the line anyway. People are missing out because there is quite a lot of good artists out there with some amazing music. So I hope that fans of Golf-Mike and anyone that else that happens to stumble across this post or his videos will give him the support to do this sort of thing, watch his videos, share them with your friends and so on. It would be interesting to see if Thai music can gain a certain amount of popularity overseas. Give his cover a listen here, it also includes a behind the scenes section at the end.

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