Review: Bella’s “Get Down”

Bella is a female pop trio that well, I haven’t really seen get any major mentions before but they have recently released their single Get Down, which features the title track, the instrumental and a remix, the song features Shorry.

First of all the song has a really good light pop disco beat on it that really gives the song that little bit of bounce which the vocal line follows really well in parts. Vocally, the girls sound really good in this track, they might not have the typical female kpop girl group sounding vocals on them but they really do have some great voices that I feel this song shows really well. Shorry’s rap also works really well within the song and along with this, the entirety of the track is very catchy and remains a strong song throughout.

Generally a pretty good pop song that if you’re willing to listen to a group with quite mature sounding vocals then it is worth giving it a go. The remix that is included on the single is quite enjoyable to listen to as well. Hoping for a lot more from these girls and that people give them a decent amount of recognition.


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