Review: Meisa Kuroki’s “Wired Life”

This is Meisa’s latest single and it came in two versions, the original version and the anime tie in version which features a remix and an alternate shorter version of the title song. Today I’m only going to write about the original version which contains the title track, a b-side and a remix of “One More Drama”.

Wired Life starts of sounding very “sci-fi”, I say that because some of the sounds used for the instrumental resemble a lot of the sounds I would associate with OSTs of sci-fi animes, which makes sense since this is for a sci-fi anime! It eventually picks up a bit more pace as it approaches the chorus and the music and Meisa’s voice both pick up some power. Though being powerful compared to the verses, it’s not too much and it certainly doesn’t overpower the song, it allows the whole track to remain quite a laid back sounding pop/dance track. The song itself has a rather catchy chorus and is very pleasant to listen to, definitely one of Meisa’s best releases and really flatters her voice.

The second track is Upgrade U! which is a catchy little pop song that has a few light elements of rock in it. I think the song itself suits her voice fairly well and allows her to show her range very well, but overall it’s not a song that I would run to to listen to. It’s a good song but not one that stands out to me overly. That’s just my own preference but I’m sure, and I’ve seen, that a lot of people will really like it. So don’t knock it just because I’m not that big a fan of it!

I’m never sure whether to review remixes that are featured on singles and albums but I will say it’s a very good remix that deserves a few listens at least. One More Drama -PING PONG REMIX remixed by dee.c- gives the song a slightly different feel to it and it kind of calms the feeling of the song down a fair bit but doesn’t change it too much so it’s still quite close to the original. Definitely worth a check out a few listens!

It’s a good release overall and if you want to you can check out the anime release version of it too because the remix there is also worth a listen. Meisa fans would really enjoy this and a lot have agreed with me when I say that Wired Life in itself is one of her best releases so don’t let it go past you!


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