[Profile] Nick Chou

Nick Chou (周湯豪)
Real Name: Chou Tanghao
Birth date: August 2, 1988
Blood Type: A
Height: 182 cm

When Nick Chou was 15, he went to study abroad in America and was spotted by a SM Entertainment representative. His mother, Billie, flew to America to accompany her son in meeting with the company. At that time, SM Entertainment wanted to contract Nick as a member of Super Junior. However, they stated contract terms as a 10-year long deal. After long consideration, Nick’s mother felt that the contract deal was too long so they decided to give up this opportunity. Who knows what would or could have happened if this now 23-year-old did indeed sign with SM and was now a member of Super Junior.

Earlier last year, Nick became the subject of much gossip after being the male lead in popular singer Jolin Tsai’s Real Man MV, and when his record label Warner requested that he’d gather 3000 fans before they would announce a release date and before he’d even get his own album. With the support of other artists who informed the people of his concert, he was able to gather 3000 people to his first concert on July 9, 2010. His album was released on the 16th of the same month.

It is said that he is now preparing for a follow-up release.

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