Review: Kan Miyoun’s “Obsession”

Kan Miyoun (or Kan Mi Flawless as my friend Timo affectionately calls her), who is a former member of the girl group Baby V.O.X, released her first mini album “Watch” earlier this year with the title track Paparazzi which featured Eric from Shinhwa on the track and SS501’s Kim Hyungjoon starred in the music video. Now she is back with her follow up mini album called “Obsession” which, with only 3 tracks and an instrumental, is a fairly short mini album. Featuring one dance track and two softer tracks, Miyoun stays very close to her music style with these new tracks.

안만나 (Won’t Meet You) is the first track and the title track on this mini. The song is catchy with it’s various repetitions of “an-man-na”, the song mixes the catchy hooks with some really pleasant vocal melody lines. The song does have an amount of autotune in it but to the extent that it suits the style of the song and doesn’t overshadow her voice. I would say this branches into the style of music that would mostly likely be played in nightclubs as the song does have a very strong dance beat to it. Generally a song that will make you want to get up, dance and sing along to it.

Then we come onto a ballad called 제발 (Please), which is a fairly emotional ballad that has quite a focus on light synth and electric drum sounds throughout, there is also a slight water and ice feel throughout the song as well which seems to match the album artwork nicely as well. The song shows Miyoun’s voice off very nicely, allowing for a good part of her range to be heard. Towards the end of the track the song and her voice gain a little more power which just adds to the emotion of the song. If you’re like me and love ballads be sure to check this one out.

The very last track on the mini album is 눈이 내리네 (The Snow is Falling) and is a very wintery sounding song which fits both the title and the artwork like the previous track. The song features a male rapper (who has not been named) and the balance of their voices throughout the song adds a nice extra bit of depth to the song. I personally like the fact that she uses the higher part of her range for certain parts of the song as well because she hits those notes very nicely. Overall, the song is a very pretty sounding ballad that suits her voice well.

This is worth checking out for sure, I have a preference for her more upbeat tracks but I do have quite a lot of love for her ballads. If you’ve never listened to Miyoun I suggest you listen to this first to hear her voice and musical style before you venture onto her previous releases. Definitely worth a good few listens and hopefully in the future a full album comes around.


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