Featured Artist: Dia

This month’s featured is the very lovely and highly talented Dia. She is a solo vocalist who’s music varies across a mild selection of genres, she is also an artist who is not very well known so today I’d like to tell you all a few things about her! Hopefully at least a few people will let her into their hearts

  • Profile
  • Debut and Career
  • Bom 2.0
  • Dia’s Sketchbook/Crayons
  • Discography

Stage Name: Dia (디아) [DIAmond]
Real Name: Kim Ji Eun (김지은)
Born: June 12th, 1992
Height: 162cm
Born: Incheon Metropolitan City
Hobbies: Performing, Painting, Movies, Dancing, Designing
Education: Attended Sangok High School / Currently attending Seoul Institute of the Arts

Debut and Career
Dia made her debut with her mini album “0carat” and along with this came her debut single My Dream. Moderately well received by music fans who credited her for her strong vocals, even deeming her skills as scary due to how powerful her voice was. She went on to release a number of singles, mini albums and a full album. Along with this she has also featured on a number of artists’ works, receiving praise for her endeavors. With each mini album or album release, the number of “carats” increases by o.5 and this is to symbolise that she is becoming a stronger gem as she progresses through her career. Her latest release was her single “Leave Alone” which she released on the 28th of September 2011.

Bom 2.0
Bom 2.0, Teenage Park Bom and The 2nd Bom were some of the “nicknames” Dia was given which started off with one of the MCs on a music broadcasting show introducing her as the girl who was trying to sing like Bom (of 2NE1). It is all well to receieve a bit more recognition but to be getting the recognition for being a “copy cat” of another person is not so good. Especially when you’re going through a tough time from a not too well received single. This is what she said about the situation and in an interview also said “인간만사 새옹지마 (In life, both the good and bad will have to happen)”.

“I thought (Park Bom unnie) I should be more thankful. I want to thank Park Bom unnie if I get the chance to meet her. And also through this, I wanted to do my best to show my own styles and capabilities. My wish for the year is to be known as my name Dia instead of ‘the 2nd who-who’.”

Although there have been some negative comments made about her due to the comparisons and some people do have a dislike for her for that sole reason, she did gain a number of fans from this situation as well.

Dia’s Sketchbook & Crayons
In 2009, Dia started a project called “Dia’s Sketchbook” in which she recorded videos of her singing songs that her fans had requested. She did this for 2010 and 2011 as well. But in 2011, she also started “Dia’s Crayons”, which basically ran along the same lines but at the moment only has one song done. Due to her singing some pretty popular songs, it gained her a number of fans who had heard her voice from her covering these songs and this lead onto them checking out her own music as well.


Released: February 10th, 2009


1 . My Dream | Music Video
2 . 웃어봐
3 . With U (Featuring Dr9)
4 . 사랑은 독이다.
5 . Karma
6 . My Dream (Piano Version)
7 . My Dream (English Version)
8 . My Dream (Instrumental)

Released: January 11th, 2010


1. Another Boy | Music Video
2. Knock (Feat.H-유진)(Feat. H-Engene)
3. 지독한 사랑아 (Full ver.)
4. Knock (Club Remix)
5. Another boy (Harp ver.)
6. Knock (original ver.)

Knock (Special Edition)
Released: March 12th, 2010


1. Knock (ft. H-Eugene)
2. 니가 돌아오면
3. Another Boy (Guitar Version)
4. Another Boy (Piano Version)
5. 니가 돌아오면 (Inst.)

이젠 안녕 (Goodbye)
Released: April 29th, 2010


1. 이젠 안녕

울어도 울어도 (Cry Cry)
Released: May 19th, 2010


1. 울어도 울어도 | Music Video
2. Slowly Feel My Eyes
3. 바보처럼 좋아해
4. 사랑에 미쳐서
5. D.bridge (Feat. The Black)
6. Love Love Love (Feat. D` Nine)
7. 나방
8. 이젠 안녕

My Story (1 Carat)
Released: November 17th, 2010


1. 하루종일 비가 내있어
2. 온세상에 눈이 내리면 (Feat. Soul Connection, 구자창(Dr.9))
3. 사랑이 오려나봐요 (feat. 아미)
4. 니가 돌아오면
5. 울어도 울어도
6. Slowly Feel My Eyes
7. 바보처럼 좋아해
8. 나방*
9. Another Boy
10. 이젠 안녕
11. 사랑에 미쳐서
12. Knock (ft. H-Eugene)
13. D. Bridge (Feat. The Black)
14. 하루종일 비가 내있어 (Inst.)

For some reason the second hangul character won’t show but it is “bang” (ㅂㅏㅇ).

Luxury Edition
Released: January 5th, 2011


1. 하루종일 비가 내렸어 (융스트링 Ver.)
2. 온세상에 눈이 내리면 (Feat. 크리스피 크런치, 구자창) (EmeNes Remix)
3. Slowly Feel My Eyes (Feat. 크리스피 크런치) (JK Remix)

Leave Alone
Released: September 28th, 2011


1. 혼자서
2. 혼자서 (Inst.)

List of featured tracks/collabs coming at a later time~


6 responses to “Featured Artist: Dia

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  2. thanks for the compilation of information about Dia~! although i do read a lot about her and see her information here and there, i usually forget them, but thanks to your site, everything is compile all in one, so it’s much easier to read! hopefully her new single will give her much love, and people will stop comparing her. -___- thanks again~

  3. Do you have a website for her or a place where I can watch her sketchbook/crayon videos or other videos? I really like her voice.

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