FIX’s debut hopefully around the corner

The group’s leader, Nuri has been consitently keeping fans up to date with their goings on, primiarly doing so through his facebook (in which he allows fans to add him and contact him, often replying to them) and through twitter as well. After having been scheduled to debut at the beginning of July, currently unknown circumstances led to a delay and since then, the boys have been working very hard with rehearsals and recording.

Due to them debuting with just a little more age to them than most groups debuting these days, we can hope for quite a mature sound from them the group consists of [from left to right in above photo]: Sungwoo, Ohsong (former solo artist and member of Sponge Band), Nuri and Jungwook (former member of Vanhaja and cousin of Super Junior’s Ryeowook).

While we wait, enjoy these two videos of the boys that were shown to us during the summer, one of them being their track for the OST of Big Heat and the other being a behind the scenes look at them recording!


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