[Tutorial] Cyworld: Photos & Photo albums 2011

I’ll be doing a tutorial on how to sign up for cyworld as a whole in a bit!

A lot of people I know manage to sign up for cyworld but usually get stuck when it comes to photos, uploading them, making folders and scrapping them. So here’s a few pointers that should hopefully help you guys out when it comes to them!

Uploading Photos

So for this tutorial I am just going to go and upload a photo of After School into my folder for them, I’ll get into how to add folders in the next section!

  • Go to your photo album tab (highlighted in red)- you will be presented with this screen
  • Choose the folder you want to upload the photo to
  • Click the large button that says 사진올리기 – upload photo (highlighted in purple)
Then you will be given this screen
  • Top Line- Enter title of photo – if not done title will be the date
  • Top Line drop down menu- Alternate way to select folder to upload into
  • Orange Highlight- Upload multiple photos (recommend using IE for this, other browsers sometimes don’t allow this function to work properly)
  • Blue Highlight- Upload one photo
  • The bottom section is where you can write something about the photo
  • If you want no writing, click the box with all that writing in it once and it will be cleared
  • Drop down menu (Privacy)- Top: public Middle: friends only Bottom: Private (only you)
  • Checked boxes are for options like allowing scrapping and adding stickers
  • Bottom box is for tag – do one at a time and press the button at the side of the entry box
For this I am only uploading one photo so I will click the part I’ve highlighted here in blue.
  • Select the photo you want to upload
  • Wait a small amount of time for the photo to upload to cyworld
  • Change all the settings you want to change
  • Click the button highlighted in red
  • Click ok
And there we go! The process might take a little bit of getting used to at first but once you get into the knack you’ll be able to do it quite quickly.
Adding folders and categories 
I’m going to do this part using just the one photo but it should hopefully help enough
  • When on the photo album section click the cog button on the bottom left
Left Half
  • Left button: New category/large folder – allows for sub folders
  • Middle button: New folder/sub folder – folders in which photos are uploaded
  • Right button: New separation line – if you want to seperate folders into seperate sections of their own within the category
  • Up & Down arrows – when a folder/category/separation line is selection you can move it’s position up or down
Right Half – Settings
  • Change name of Folder
  • Privacy (same as in the uploading section)
  • Not entirely sure what the effects of the top two buttons are, these are automatically checked anyway.
  • Third button: allow others to upload photos in the folder (aka. a Free folder)
  • Phone photos folder
Check the red highlighted button when you are done.
Scrapping photos
Scrapping photos basically copies the photo from the person’s page onto yours and when seen on your page contains their cyworld as the source. I guess you could say it’s similar to reblogging on tumblr. For this example I am going to scrap a photo from Taehee’s cyworld.
  • Select the photo you want to scrap
  • Click the red highlighted button
You will then be presented with this!
  • Top: Choose folder (some people like to make scrap folders for scrapping photos celebrities post on their cyworlds)
  • Blue text underneath: add new folder
  • Text box: Add comment (seen on your page when scrapped, not theirs)
  • Drop Down: Privacy (same as before)
  • Check box next to drop down: allow people to scrap from you
  • Bottom: Something I’m not honestly sure of, writing in the box says please enter your information but what this does I’m not entirely sure about, apologies! But it isn’t necessary for adding the photos to your page.
So that should be everything needed to know when it comes to the photo section of cyworld. Of course, if you need to know anything just be sure to ask and I will try my best to help you out!

7 responses to “[Tutorial] Cyworld: Photos & Photo albums 2011

  1. I have a question! I hope you can help me.
    I just made a global cyworld and I want my photo album
    to be in a list like in yours but it appears like your screencap
    of taehee’s album T.T is there a way to change it and make it to be
    like yours in the first screencaps?

    • Hey there I think I can help you here ^^
      Basically hover over the drop down menu and go to the bottom and press the button that I’ve got highlighted in red in this screencap and press ok, it should then change it so that it appears as a list ^^

      Hope that helps and let me know if you need help with anything else ^^

  2. hi… uhmm can you help me on something..
    i actually been trying to add a picture in my account… it doesn’t have the box that has the upload photo in it… can you help me..
    thank you

  3. thanks! this was helpful *^^*
    but i also have another question- how do you change your profile picture on the global cyworld? i cannot figure out how -__-;

    • It’s no problem! ^^
      Glad I could help!
      Unfortunately, I don’t have a cyworld global account so I’m not entirely sure if it differs to the normal cyworld. I will ask someone I know that has a global account if they can tell me how its’s done and I will let you know ^^

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