Kim Gunmo releases MV for “Autobiography”

Medialine’s Kim Gunmo recently released his 20th anniversairy album featuring a selection of old and some slightly newer songs. He released a music video for the first track 어제보다 슬픈 오늘 (Today is Sadder Than Yesterday) which consisted of an artistic slideshow of photos of him and VNT’s Yumi. Today, he released the music video for the track 자서전 (Autobiography).

The music video and track also features Ahn Joongjae, the very talented finger guitarist who became known for being friends with N-Train’s Yujin and for performing for them various times, most specifically the acoustic version of their single “One Last Cry”.

Have a listen to this rather jazzy upbeat number and I hope you enjoy it too! It is unknown at the moment how many music videos he is going to release but there is also going to be a live show consisting of tracks from the album as well.

I may put the video as unlisted at a later time.

One response to “Kim Gunmo releases MV for “Autobiography”

  1. I love Kim Gun Mo! I like how he references his past hits throughout the song. And the guitarist is amazing. I was a bit surprised though. KGM doesn’t really do country blues. I was going to call it bluegrass but I don’t think it has enough twang to qualify as that. That just goes to show you what a great musician he is. He understands all genres of music. Thanks for sharing!

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