Vocal Appreciation: K.Will

Vocal Appreciation is a new feature I am adding to the blog. The main purpose of this will be for me to show you solo singers or members of groups who’s voices really stand out to me. This is also the beginning of me trying to incorporate my favourite singer K.Will into this blog and Amber had requested some kind of post about him as well. So, look forward to these posts every so often!

Now, before we go into the examples of why I think K.Will is an exceptional singer, here is some information on him to get you in the know of him!

K.Will was born Kim Hyungsoo on the 30th of December 1981. It is said he doesn’t like his Korean name because “hyungsoo” is what you call your sister-in-law (wife of an older brother). So he is often referred to as HyungKnight which is a combination of the first part of his first name and the surname of Brian McKnight, who he is said to resemble vocally. His stage name K.Will comes from will for its meaning in English and the K comes from his surname.

Prior to debuting as a vocalist, he was a vocal coach and during his trainee days he would often perform in street concerts or in the chorus of other vocalists songs. He pretty much wanted to do anything to sing when he could. He made his debut as a solo singer in 2006 for the OST of “A Love To Kill” with the song “Dream”. He released his first solo album “Left Heart” in 2007.

Since then he has released a second full album, 2 EPs, a number of singles, has featured on countless OSTs and has collaborated with a number of famous Korean singers both in recording and live.

Now, onto the singing! One thing I particularly like about K.Will is his vocal range. He is able to sing relatively low but can sing exceptionally high without going into his head voice. Along with this, he is able to sing falsetto flawlessly and for a period of time as well without it sounding like it is straining his voice. I think the best example of this is his video in which he sings a number of Mariah Carey songs.

He is also a vocalist who showcases a lot of emotion in not only his gestures, but his voice when he sings. For me, a good singer is not only someone who can hit the notes right, it’s someone that can hit said notes while portraying the meaning and emotions of the song through their voice. One of my favourite recent performances of his is his performance of Tears of Mokpo, which is a rather old song which is a song that portrays the feelings of the women that lost their husbands to the Japanese during the time when Korean was being colonized by Japan in 1935 and the men were taken away for slavery. Mokpo is a small port town and tears in the title is to represent the tears that were shed by the wives. It’s an emotional song and K.Will sings this song with a lot of said emotion and you can see how much the audience is drawn in and captivated by his performance of this song.

Over the years he has come out with a lot of covers of well known songs, usually with his own take and ad libbing techniques added to them. All of them have been well received by fans not only of K.Will but fans of the artists that the songs were originally by. Here is a small number of my favourite ones that he has done.

Did you know K.Will can rap too? As well as being a fantastic ballad singer he is able to rap and dance too. In this performance with Outsider, you will see that is able to keep up to pace with Outsider’s insanely fast rapping. If you didn’t know, Outsider is unofficially the world’s fastest rapper rapping at an estimated 21 syllables per second, but due to the record books only taking English raps, he can’t qualify for the record. But you will notice that he also adds some very lovely vocal ad libs in to the song. He also recorded a video of him practicing this song with Outsider and on his own as well which I will include here!

I’m going to finish the post off with my two favourite K.Will songs that I hope you will like as well! And thank you for reading!


One response to “Vocal Appreciation: K.Will

  1. Love his voice :) his Mariah Carey covered was posting in Mariahdaily.com a year ago.. I really enjoyed watching him try to covered those Mariah’s notes with his vocal technique :) Keep singin’ up K.Will :)

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