Review: The Boss’ “Lady”

The five very lovely boys are back with another new single, containing two ballad songs in the same manner in which their first single did. While we were first teased with a rather upbeat dance beat in the trailer, Lady has come to us in the form of a very powerful ballad. The single contains a B-Side, Calling You and an instrumental for Lady.

The first track of course is the title track Lady which is a ballad that expresses apologetic and regretful feelings, telling a girl that they are the only lady they want. It’s a very powerful song that shows off the boys vocal capabilities very well. A very mature sounding, ever so slightly heart wrenching song with vocals to match. A ballad that is very easy to listen to and draws you in with the gradual build up of power in the music. Expect a good number of power notes and very strong harmonies between all of the boys. If you are a ballad fan like myself, you will more than likely really appreciate and love this song. A great title track that makes a wonderful addition to their discography.

Calling You is the second track and it has a little bit of a “calmer” instrumental compared to Lady, but all this really does is allow for the listener to focus on their vocals more. Which of course, all five of them sound perfect vocally in this song as they do in every other one they have released. This song has the right amount of strong notes in different octaves coming from them, harmonies throughout the song and emotion in the lines they are singing. Pretty much what I would be expecting from them. Everything comes together to create another fantastic ballad by these boys.

This single is definitely for fans of The Boss and for those who generally have a strong love for ballad songs. A group of strong vocalists that really should have a bit more love because they are so talented and well, they deserve it. I really would recommend you guys check this single out and see what you think of it.


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