[301011] Taehwa and Hwichan’s Cyworld Updates

While trying to be picky about who’s and what cyworld updates I post, I figured since the Battle boys hardly ever update it would be nice to post them up here! So today both Taehwa and Hwichan updated with new photos. The two also said “It’s been a while!” in the captions of the photos while Hwichan also decided to remind us that he is infact, still alive!

Taehwa also posted a short diary entry regarding sleep and seems to be sounding a little stressed which I guess will be regarding his upcoming debut in Japan which of course, I’ll keep you guys updated with!

Still wondering what the other Battle boys are up to but I am sure they will update us at some point about that!


One response to “[301011] Taehwa and Hwichan’s Cyworld Updates

  1. ahh… i want more updates. T^T also, would you be able to get updates about Kihyun… even though he’s not part of the group anymore? i wonder what he’s been up to lately though. anyways, i’m glad that the boys are still alive and Taehwa… hope Japan will be a lot nicer to you then Korea has, musically wise. thanks~

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