Coin Jackson’s Eunbit releases her first solo single

Having originally debuted in the 6 member “hip hop acapella” girl group Coin Jackson earlier this year, “model” member Eunbit has now returned as a solo artist under the moniker Honey Rabbit

In August came the news that she had left her original company PPP Entertainment, thus withdrawing from Coin Jackson and then joined Old Time Entertainment. Coin Jackson is now listed as a 5 member group on all regularly updated music sites and the fate of the other girls and their career is currently unknown.

Her first solo single 깡총깡총 (Scamper Scamper/Hop Hop/Jump Jump*) is a mid tempo dance song with catchy and easy to learn lyrics that is said to be made to target and appeal to younger audiences (primarily those under the age of 10) which I’m sure from listening, you’ll be able to hear that that is the case. To gather attention for her debut single, as many as 40,000 posters were placed in various places.

How many singles she will release, what style she is going to follow up with and so on are not know at this moment in time. But I will make sure to keep you updated on her and any of the other members if any new news comes out. Check the music video teaser and the full audio of the track below!

Sources: Yonhap, Newsis & xports.
Note: Not literal translations of articles, only certain information translated.

*깡총 is a word I don’t know, my dictionary tells me scamper while other dictionaries say hop/jump so I’m not 100% on the definite meaning.

3 responses to “Coin Jackson’s Eunbit releases her first solo single

  1. I actually really liked Coin Jackson…. sad to see Eunbit go, but she has a nice voice. And this song reminds me of bunnies and joy ^^

    Also: N-Train nomination. Eternels what uppp!

    • Yeah I know! I’m hoping the other girls still give it another go together because they were really good!
      But I’m enjoying that she’s going for something cute that is actually aimed at kids as well!

      Yeah man! I voted for them where I could, although kinda sad they’re last in the new male artists of the year but what can we do? At least they’re not last in artist of the year!

  2. aww, so she did leave CJ… well i hope this solo will do her good. and usually not much artist’s music are aimed towards a younger generation. also the song isn’t that bad, it’s really cute and good, and her vocals seem to match it. anyways, thank you~ oh yeah… the definition could give you whatever, but all the words still describes the same thing. ^^”

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