[011111] Chris & Taehwa’s Cyworld Updates

Two consecutive days of updates from the Battle boys, not a bad thing in my books! Chris posted some photos of himself that guess from the titles he took on his birthday which he celebrated recently!

Taehwa also posted a photo of (half of) himself mentioning how his hair is growing back and I guess from the way he was talking about it, he doesn’t intend on doing his military service any time soon (seeing as you get your hair shaved off when you go, as you should know!). He also posted two short diary entries both of which I’m partially confused about the meaning but if I get a clearer meaning of them from someone I’ll give this a little change!

Enjoy the photos and I promise proper posts and reviews will be up soon!


One response to “[011111] Chris & Taehwa’s Cyworld Updates

  1. hehe, glad for the updates! and Chris… when is your birthday… i fail as a fan, but happy belated birthday! anyways, so i see that Taehwa may not do his military duties… and might be rumored to be in that new boy group… called M.E.N i believe. ahhh… i miss them. thanks for sharing. C:

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