[041111] Hwichan’s Cyworld Updates

The boys are definitely getting more and more regular with how often they are updating their cyworlds these days! Hwichan posted a selection of photos of himself today, one of which he is holding a babygrow which he said is for his nephew! He also posted a photo of Lio yesterday with a mid length and difficult (for me) to understand quote that was said by Lio. 

Here’s the photo of Lio! I’ll inlcude the quote he put and see if anyone else can make better sense out of it than myself!

우린지금 남자들끼리 대화를 하고있다 …때론 흔들리는 현실에 흐트러지고 실수도하지만 목표를 구체화시키는 의미있는만남 누구는 이해못할수도있겠지 하지만 진실은 이 시간 이자리에서만 존재하는것 무언지모르는 막연함 이루고싶어 몸부림치는시간
By 박지운

홈피주인 나 김태관은 절때 저위에글
내가 쓴거아님 …! 앞에서 감탄중 ㅡㅡ
이거 멋있다고 해주지마셈


2 responses to “[041111] Hwichan’s Cyworld Updates

  1. omg, some updates about the boys of BATTLE!!!! omg, i thought they just disappeared… well i knew that some of them left for the army though. are both Hwichan and Lio back… right? yeah, should be, they left in 2009… i think. and Ryu should be back too!… or not. -___- mang. but anyways, Lio i wish i knew what you said though! but Hwichan is looking good, he’s going to be an uncle! =] lol thanks for sharing. it’s good to see some updates about them.

  2. ommo. hwicannie my lil bro has grown up. but i’d still say he looks so cute. just like the old days. aww, he’s going to be a good uncle n dad. i miss Battle so much n thank you so much. i’m glad there are still people posting stuffs about Battle. i’ve waited for them until now, n i won’t mind to keep waiting until they come back. Battle fighting! n thanks again for sharing the updates on them.

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