[Profile] Taken

Taken (테이큰) is one of the newly debuted male groups that have popped up! They released their first single Young Boy recently and are set to make their official debut roughly Mid-November. Please note: The romanisations of their names are the ones I use as for me, they’re the tidiest looking for the most part.

Sungwon (성원)- Leader
Full Name: Sung Chang Yong (성창용)
Date of Birth: April 5th, 1989
Height: 178cm
Blood Type: O
Twitter: http://twitter.com/sswonn

Ujun (유준)
Full Name: Kim Tae Shik (김태식)
Date of Birth: February 27th, 1991
Height: 174cm
Blood Type: A
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ujun0314 

Taehyuk (태혁)
Full Name: Gwak Tae Hyuk (곽태혁)
Date of Birth: March 5th, 1991
Height: 178cm
Blood Type: A
Twitter: http://twitter.com/taehyuk0305

Seungyul (승열)
Full Name: Park Seung Yul (박승열)
Date of Birth: April 8th, 1991
Height: 180cm
Blood Type: A
Twitter: http://twitter.com/7148751

Daon (다온)
Full Name: Kim Min Hyuk (김민혁)
Date of Birth: April 11th, 1992
Height: 178cm
Blood Type: A
Twitter: http://twitter.com/daon12

Gunwoo (건우)/ Alex (알렉스)- Maknae
Full Name: Kim Gun Woo (김건우)
Date of Birth: June 24th, 1994
Height: 183cm
Blood Type: A
Twitter: http://twitter.com/acealex94
 -Born in France 


12 responses to “[Profile] Taken

  1. LOL i was scrolling through and i was like “dat don’t look laik no makae /keeps scrolling, sees ‘born in France’/ OOOUUUUUUU /scrolls back up to confirm”
    i am so weird.

    • Omg LMAO Jin oh you amuse me a lot I like it!
      And ugh I know he’s the cutest little thing ever ;~; Daon’s a wee qt as well I want to pinch his cheeks!

  2. hehe, liking this boy group already. ;D lol, and maknae born in France, lemme hear you speak French! =] anyways, i haven’t seen any clips of them performing or singing or dancing, but their audio for Young Boy is pretty good. i like it. =] and if my sister knew about their heights, minus Seungyul, she would say they’re short, because she’s 173cm. lol xD anyways, thank you for sharing!

  3. OMG, I was thinking Sungyul and Alex were the oldest but the info has shocked me! Oh my! The One I think was the maknae triple were the oldest! Goosebump, anyway, cool

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