Review: Taken’s “Only One”

A large number of rookie male groups have made their debut recently and while I’ve not had much time to try and get myself aquainted with them all, I am starting to slowly try and do so. So first, I’ll review the release of one of the three main groups I’ve noticed debuting recently. Today I am reviewing 6 member group Taken’s first single!

The first track is the title track Young Boy. It starts off with quite a powerful and repititive beat and that builds up with the accompaniment of some vocals from all of the members. The song has a really upbeat feel to it and I actually enjoy the rather strong sounding beat of the song as a whole, the melody for the vocals goes well with the instrumental for the most part. Those are the main things I like about this song apart from the fact it is catchy. Now, my main bad points about this song are the lyrics and the vocal processing that has been done. The lyrics…are just, well, they’re not very good in my opinion. The vocal processing (note: not autotune) is rather heavy for the most part and it’s a shame because you can hear through it that some of the boys have really nice vocal tones but we’re not really getting to hear that in this song. I feel if the lyrics were changed and the vocal editing was minimized to say, just a little bit of reverb then the song would be really good. So at the moment I am really mixed with this song.

Only You is the second track and is a rather pretty, light ballad. Now, If you’ve read the majority of the posts I have made on here or if you know me personally, you’ll know that ballads are my favourite things to listen to when it comes to Korean music. If you sing a ballad I like then I will put you on either my “has potential” or “I love them” lists. So, due to these boys having this ballad on the single they have been included in my “has potential” list. The song has very little vocal editing done to it so we are getting to hear the most of their voices we can without seeing live performances and they actually sound pretty good in it. The song has an overall pleasant feel to it and I really like the slight R&B beat that is going on throughout the majority of the song. I also want to give kudos to whoever the vocalist was that sung the high/falsetto notes near the end because his voice is stunning! They may not have the strongest voices in the world but they’re listenable. They’ve partially won me over with this song and I’m hoping for more songs like this in the future.

The last track on the single is Hold Up and similar in style to Young Boy, but with a few better elements to it. Voice editing has been reduced but it’s not diminished completely, it’s a lot more bearable and doesn’t distract from their voices too much. This song has a really good beat to it and I find the song as a whole to be very catchy. The vocal lines are really nice to listen to, they’re basic but allow them to show that they can sing while singing an upbeat song as well. It’s a very appealing to listen to song and the lyrics are also a lot better than Young Boy, so it’s an improvement for sure. I feel that if they were wanting to stick with the idea of debuting with a dance song, this would have been the better choice to have released because overall, it is a much better song than Young Boy.

Overall, unsure about these boys. I think they do have quite a lot of potential provided that the songs they are given do allow people to see how good they are at singing and are ones that listeners will remember. I would say if you’re going to listen to them definitely listen to Only You and Hold Up and that should be enough to give you a real impression of them. I’m waiting to see their live performances so I can hear each of the members sing live and I’m hoping that Only You is sung live at least once so it lets me get used to each of the members’ voices and tones. At the moment, I’m gonna keep one eye on them and see what I think as time goes by!

A small edit: After listening to the single through a large number of times, the songs have really worked on me and I really enjoy them all. So don’t knock it until you try it!


One response to “Review: Taken’s “Only One”

  1. whooo… hehe thanks for the review! i always love reading these kind of things to help me get into a song. but it’s also because i haven’t heard Only You and Hold Up yet. so i need to go find that. =] thanks for sharing~

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