[Profile] WE

Another new Korean hip hop/r&b group has debuted and they go by the name WE (위). It is a co-ed group consisting of 3 males (2 vocalists and 1 rapper) and one female (vocalist) and they all come together to create a very lovely sound. They released their debut single Rainy Days recently and I would recommend checking them out for sure! I’ll apologise at the moment for the lack of information there is on them just now but I will be sure to keep updating this as I manage to find more information out about each of the members!

Kanghan (강한)
Real Name: Jung Ji Hoon (정지훈)
Date of Birth: May 20th, 1981
Blood Type: AB
Position: Vocalist
Former member of Eagle Five (Debuted in 1998) and Black Beat (Debuted in 2002)

Mandoo (만두)
Full Name: Unknown at this point
Date of Birth: December 27th, 1983
Position: Rapper
*Photo is a bit askew, this was the way it was on the site.

Macho (마초)
Full Name: Unknown at this point
Date of Birth: September 8th, 1983
Position: Vocalist

Rosie (로지)
Full Name: Unknown at this point
Date of Birth: May 23rd, 1988
Position: Vocalist


5 responses to “[Profile] WE

  1. i stumble upon this group when looking for some new songs to get when i went on a trip! i think it was Non…, but it was really good. and reading the information, i’m sooooooooooo glad that Jung Jihoon has made a comeback to the music industry! yay~ although i only know of him when he was in BlackBeat! but yes, still glad he came back, anyways, hopefully this group will have a stage performance! thanks for the information. =]

  2. I love these guys, I’ve seen them live three times already at this one music show I frequent (Macho apparently recognizes me now, since he went out of his way to say hi to me the last time, while Rosie always makes a point to wave at my friend) and I swear they get better every time. Very, very talented group.

    Oh, and Macho’s real name is Hwang Dong-joo (황동주). Macho and Mandoo also have twitter accounts, which you can find if you search for them on Naver. Macho doesn’t really update his though..

    And random, but Macho had an older brother who died in a car accident a few days ago. You wouldn’t know it to see him perform though; he’s a real professional.

    • Hey sorry I had forgot to reply to this comment, the only place I’ve seen post some occasional news about them is allkpop, I’ve not seen many other places :(

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