BoM release their first mini album “Burning Rose”

After making their debut in summer this year with the single 니가 없이 (Without You), the boys are back with a mini album! This mini album also comes with a member change in which Raewon left and was replaced by a new member, Jisoo. The reasons for Raewon’s departure have been said to be for personal reasons. We should be presented with the music video for 가슴아 심장아 (Dear Feelings, Dear Heart) later on today.


1. 가슴아 심장아
2. 널 위해 부르는 이노래
3. Baby Girl
4. 불꽃처럼
5. Only For Love
6. Take6 녹음실에서

Now if you wish, give the songs of the mini a listen and see what you think of them and be sure to give these boys a lot of support and they surely deserve it! Songs under the cut.

*Last track added when it’s available.

3 responses to “BoM release their first mini album “Burning Rose”

  1. omg, where was the news for these boys! well at least i know now… but Raewon left. T^T this will be like the 2nd time he will go away from the music scene. T^T anyways, will still support BoM! i love Without You, and these new tracks aren’t bad. don’t know which one is my favorite since they’re all wonderful. i wonder which one is their title track though.. and i hope they get a comeback performance and for Jisoo’s debut too. thanks for sharing. =]

    • Yeah no one really posted about them which is quite sad :(
      I’m pretty sure the title track is Dear Heart, Dear Feelings :)
      But yeah the mini as a whole is really lovely and I’m hope they’re gonna keep releasing stuff like this because I love it :)

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