[Profile] YEYO

Now I’ve decided to write a profile on Yeyo here because I don’t really know anyone who is a fan of her unless I’ve told them to listen to her. But if you’re into your hip hop and want a badass female rapper then I would definitely recommend her to you. She released her first solo single 우리 이혼했어요 in 2008. A year later she featured on e.via’s Motiphie Meets e.via! mini album on the track 미칠때까지. Another year later she released her first full album UNISEX YEYO x MIC which featured artists such as e.via, Cho Younghoon (Tenor), Stacy Oh, Bliss-J and several others.

As you may be able to tell from the album title, the content is rather explicit so if you’re not too much of a fan of music of that sort lyrically then she may not be for you. The songs are all really great and have their own element of catchiness to them but be warned about track 2, it is essentially just sex noise for 30 seconds.

Full name: Yu Ji An (유지안)
Date of Birth: October 31st, 1982
Height: 163cm
Started performing in clubs in 1999.


3 responses to “[Profile] YEYO

  1. i think i’ve seen her name… but have no re-collection of her honestly. but i will give her a listen. not much female rappers nowadays that isn’t in a girl group. thanks for the information! =]

    • Hi there! Ive not used this blog for years but came on to see comments.
      A month or so after I posted this yeyo herself actually emailed me, she said she was living in the US and I don’t think she is pursuing music (not that I have checked up recently) after disagreements with her management

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