[Profile] Kyungri (Nine Muses)

So I decided to post up a profile of her on her own because I have been following her as a trainee so I happen to know some stuff about her! This is Kyungri who is Nine Muses’ new member. She was part of the original line up for the group but wasn’t picked for the final grouping. She trained under Medialine for a period of time and thus she is friendly with the members of N-Train and VNT.

During her time there, she was a back up dancer for Chaeyeon along with a number of other girls and she can be seen in her “Look Look Look” Music video. Like the other trainees in the company, she was featured in Lee Jung’s Let’s Dance video as one of the dancers. It was then rumoured that she was supposed to join Medialine’s upcoming girl group Viva Girls, but the existence of that group has been questioned as most of the girls have moved to other companies. She then moved back to Star Empire and it was rumoured that she would be one of Nine Muses’ new members. Fancams from the performance in Abu Dhabi confirm that she is such.

She was then included on Star Empire’s “Shooting Star” Christmas single along with the music video for such. on the 3rd of January Star Empire released Kyungri’s solo teaser photo for Nine Muses’ comeback which is currently scheduled for the 12th of January.

Full Name: Park Kyung Ri (박경리)
Also known as: Gang (갱)
Date of Birth: July 5th, 1990
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ICE_Gang
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/-gyeongree

If you are a tumblr user I run http://parkkyungri.tumblr.com which contains a lot more photos and information on her and I will be keeping it updated as time goes on.


9 responses to “[Profile] Kyungri (Nine Muses)

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  3. i’m trying to remember her… but i cannot. -___- was she by any chance in the documentary of Empire Kids? anyways, glad to know some information about her! and she has some good vocals on her too! definitely can’t wait for her actual debut with Nine Muses’ comeback! =] thank you for sharing!

    • Yeah she was on that! :)
      She was also the girl in the dark shorts in the Womanizer dance that Nine Muses posted a while back! Star Empire probably put the lighting down so people wouldn’t be able to recognise her, they’re being a bit iffy regarding her right now because she’s being cut out of photos and everything! Hopefully Star Empire give a statement about her soon and we get their comeback!

  4. I have a feeling she’ll be my new favorite! She reminded me of Rana from that one video of Sera and EunJi dancing to Womanizer in the dark. She also reminds me of (9M) HyunA and Narsha mixed together hah

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  6. she so beautiful, well like the other member of 9muses of course.. they all beautiful, but there is something about this girl who make me turn to her. something that i dont know ecxactly what is that, but i know that is great…. :-)

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