[Profile] A-ble

A-ble is one of the lesser known groups in the music business at the moment. They originally debuted as a trio in 2010 with the single Dead Love. However, before recently making a comeback with their EP A-ble’s Impact, the maknae and guitarist Hyochan had left due to personal circumstances.

I will be updating this post soon!

For the photos, I have used a photoshoot that was done when they were still a trio.

Full Name: Lee Ju Ho (이주호)
Date of Birth: October 16th, 1988
Height: 176cm
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/livejuho
Former member of Guinness

Full Name: Park Chul Woong (박철웅)
Date of Birth: August 10th, 1989
Height: 176cm
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/pcw1543

Former Member

Full Name: Lee Hyo Chan (이효찬)
Date of Birth: July 17th, 1990
Height: 178cm
Cyworld:  http://www.cyworld.com/hyo_zzan

2 responses to “[Profile] A-ble

  1. ohhh yay! finally some information about them! but sad that the maknae left… i wonder what his personal reason was though. anyways, Dead Love was a good track! but too bad they didn’t get much recognition. anyways, can’t wait for their new song! thanks for sharing.

  2. ALRIGHT!!!! I love these guys their voices are amazing!!! I was so happy to find out that they are on twitter!

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