Dia releases MV Teaser for “Love Step”

After releasing a string of teaser photos and a short introduction video, Dia finally released her newest single Love Step on the 18th of November. Today both her labelmate PD Blue and herself uploaded the second teaser for Love Step onto their cyworlds which comes in the form of a MV teaser.

With the song having a slightly Christmassy feel to it, the music video seems to be showcasing a slight feeling of winter in it. Check it out below and I’ll be sure to update you with the full MV when it is released!


2 responses to “Dia releases MV Teaser for “Love Step”

  1. whaaa, she looks so lovely in here! adorable as well when she was playing with the stuff animals. lol anyways, wonder who the 3 guys are though. thanks for sharing! =]

    • It’s no problem at all! :)
      And I know! She looks so cute in this! ^^
      I’m wondering that as well! The one in the orange costume is really cute so I’m hoping to find out who he is tbh! ahah!

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